More Female Beauty Therapists Should Aspire to Salon Ownership, Says HABA

Results of the 2021 Census continue to be released, with recent data citing beauty therapy as one of the top 5 female-dominated occupations in Australia.

Data collected by The Australian Bureau of Statistics in and around August 2021 reveals that 97 percent of Australian beauty therapists identify as female. The national survey was completed by members of 96 percent of Australian dwellings, thereby providing a strong reflection of the Australian occupational landscape.

“Beauty therapy has and remains a fantastic job for women as seen in the latest census numbers,” Hair & Beauty Australia Industry Association (HABA) ’s Jan Gawel tells Professional Beauty, “but what we would like to make sure [of] is that the women are as well represented in salon ownership, making it a fantastic career and path to wealth creation.”

The proportion of women in managerial occupations has more than doubled in the 55 years to 2021, growing from around 18 percent in 1966 to nearly 40% in 2021. The majority of beauty therapists (around 53.7 percent) hold an Advanced Diploma/Diploma or higher, according to data from the 2016 Census.

Other recent findings show a recent increase in the number of beauty therapists nationally, sitting at 35,8000 in 2021. This number is projected to increase to 50,700 by 2025 – a rise of over 8 percent.

Despite these findings, anxiety around staffing remains for many salon owners. Recent government announcements have centred around the implementation of reforms including the provision of fee-free TAFE placements, as well as an increase in migration numbers.

“[These statistics show] where we should be looking for new workers to help fill the labour shortages that plague the industry,” Jan suggests. “Easier said than done, but a small change in male participation will have a massive impact.”

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