If you think your clients are still getting their beauty information from traditional media, well, you’d be wrong. Social media is leading the way these days. And there is a study to prove it.

Social media news: Nearly two thirds of Americans get their news from Facebook and it's a similar story here.
Social media news: Nearly two thirds of Americans get their news from Facebook and it’s a similar story here.

When it comes to consuming the news, research done by Pew Research Center in the US, says that social media is now the most common source.

The study surveyed 4600 people and found that nearly two thirds of people (62 per cent) access news via social media.

Facebook leads the way as the number one social media news source, with 66 per cent of respondents accessing news via the platform, while nearly six out of ten Twitter users (59 per cent) get their news from Twitter. Seventy per cent of the survey highlighted Reddit as a key source for news, while Tumblr, the figure sits at about a third (31 per cent), Instagram is 23 per cent, and YouTube is 21 per cent.

If you were in any doubt about the pulling power of Facebook, check out these stats. Facebook reaches 67 per cent of U.S. adults; with two-thirds of users getting news from the social portal that accounts to 44 per cent of the general population. YouTube comes in at second, reaching 48 per cent of U.S. adults, however with only about a fifth of its users getting news from the social source, this gets watered down to only 10 per cent of the adult population.

But television isn’t dead, the Pew Study also notes that traditional media is still in the running (albeit just). Thirty-nine per cent of Facebook users continue to watch local news on TV, while 15 per cent read newspapers.  When it comes to print news amongst Twitter users, the number lessens to 8 per cent.

With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram showing no signs of slowing down as a source of news in Australia, beauty businesses should stay away from social media at their peril.

Own a business but haven’t yet made the leap?  This is your moment to get a foothold on the social airways.



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