The Head Spa Trend: One Salon Owner Breaks Down What’s Involved in Offering the Service

Natalie Anderson of Glamazonia in Geelong, VIC is one of few Australian businesses working ahead of the curve by adding a head spa treatment to her services menu. The salon owner describes the “unprecedented surge of interest” she’s experienced by clients and other salon owners alike since the offering’s inception.

japanese head spa salon treatment
Glamazonia owner Natalie Anderson

What is a head spa?

Natalie, I understand you launched a Japanese-inspired head spa treatment at your business this month. What prompted this decision, and for how long have you been planning its execution?

“Our Japanese-inspired head spa treatment has been in the works for several years, long before it gained widespread popularity. The increasing demand for scalp-focused treatments and our commitment to providing clients with a unique experience drove this decision.

My personal struggle with thinning hair during a prolonged stressful period sparked the idea. Through research, we’ve crafted a non-invasive treatment that not only improves the condition of the scalp (and subsequently the hair) but also serves as a stress-reducer.” 

You elected the Atama Kenkò Head Spa Ritual to offer at your business. Name some of the defining elements to this treatment that makes it stand out against other head spa treatments?

“Our Head Spa Ritual is an exquisite symphony of temperature, texture, sound, light, aroma, and touch – each note meticulously composed for every individual who steps into our serene sanctuary. 

The Essence of Nurturing: The signature ritual within our sanctuary, the heart of our experience beats in unison with the scalp and the guest. Our skilled therapists orchestrate an energy exchange – a moment of profound connection that sets the tone for the entire journey. From the very beginning, we ensure you feel seen, heard, and enveloped in care.

The Art of Trichoanalysis: our signature ritual protocol commences with a meticulous Trichoanalysis. Through a precision magnifying device, we reveal an immediate visual snapshot of your scalp and hair structure. It’s a fascinating exploration, one that occasionally surprises and challenges our guests. But it’s precisely this consultation process that distinguishes us. We recognise that skin extends beyond the forehead; it embraces the scalp, and we are skin-trained experts.”

“We recognise that skin extends beyond the forehead; it embraces the scalp, and we are skin-trained experts.”

Device and product selection

Why did you choose to work with Oway scalp treatment products?

“My deliberate choice to work with Eco Salon Supplies and Oway scalp treatment products was rooted in a blend of expertise and efficacy. Here’s why: 

1. Holistic wellbeing: Oway’s philosophy resonates deeply with mine. Their scalp treatments transcend mere surface solutions; they delve into the essence of balance and harmony. By addressing imbalances at their core, Oway aligns seamlessly with my commitment to holistic wellbeing. 

2. Ethical sourcing: Oway’s zero-mile biodynamic approach ensures that their official extracts are sustainably obtained. This ethical sourcing preserves the integrity of each ingredient – an alignment that echoes my dedication to environmental consciousness.

3. Tailored offerings: Oway’s scalp treatments are akin to personalised rituals. Their comprehensive range – rebalancing, soothing, purifying, and hair loss – is meticulously formulated for specific needs. It’s not just about addressing symptoms; it’s about invoking a transformative journey for the scalp and soul. These offerings align seamlessly with the ‘big picture’ goal of the Atama Kenko business – to launch prescriptive treatment ritual subscriptions for our community.

 4. Visible results: Oway’s efficacy isn’t theoretical; it’s tangible. Witnessing improved hair fibers, healthier scalps, and overall well-being reinforces my confidence in their products. As we elevate scalp care, Oway remains an unwavering partner in our pursuit of excellence. 

In summary, our collaboration with Oway isn’t merely transactional; it’s a shared commitment to elevating the scalp care experience – one client, one ritual at a time.”

How did you go about sourcing the right device supplier and how difficult was the process of importing the device into Australia ?

“The process of finding the ideal device supplier was undoubtedly time-consuming. My quest for an Australian manufacturer led me to a critical juncture when I discovered just one supplier in the country offering equipment akin to the Japanese-inspired Head Spa. However, the initial investment required for this equipment was exorbitant, and with a novel treatment entering the Australian market, there was no existing data to calculate a return on investment (ROI).

Undeterred, I engaged in discussions with highly rated hair and beauty salon manufacturers in China. My criteria for selection included transparency, value, reliability, and product quality. Once I identified the right manufacturer, I faced the challenge of ensuring compliance with Australian standards. To address this, I collaborated with a local plumber to guarantee proper installation. 

Yet, the journey wasn’t without its frustrations. The language barrier posed communication difficulties, and coordinating logistics and freight forwarding added complexity. Fortunately, the manufacturer we partnered with had extensive experience importing salon equipment to Australia. Their expertise streamlined the process significantly, ensuring a successful outcome.”

japanese head spa salon treatment

The head spa: just a trend?

Are head spa treatments just a social media trend? Why or why not?

“I firmly believe that head spa treatments extend beyond mere social media trends. While they have indeed gained visibility on platforms like TikTok, their origins trace back to rich cultural traditions, particularly in Japan and India. These ancient practices recognise that healthy hair begins with a nourished scalp—a concept that resonates across generations. 

The allure of head spas lies not only in their novelty but also in their holistic approach. Scalp massages, meticulous analysis, and rejuvenating treatments offer dual benefits: detoxification and self-care. As conversations around overall skin health grow, people are awakening to the importance of scalp wellbeing. It’s more than a passing fad; it’s a transformative ritual – one that bridges ancient wisdom with modern self-care practices. Beyond fleeting trends, it seamlessly integrates into their holistic wellness journey.” 

I understand you’re a diploma-qualified beauty therapist, currently undertaking a degree in dermal science. Do you believe that those performing this treatment ought to be trained in trichotherapy? Why or why not?

“Whilst I believe this offering would be appealing to beauty and hair salons to adopt due to its current popularity, I believe the therapists performing this treatment will require a background or education in skin and the structures/appendages within it. In a current beauty diploma qualification both skin and hair structure is covered, as well as skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis, overproduction of sebum, and so on.

This question begs for a broader discussion about scope of practice and the answer will be different for different head spa protocols in each business.”

The great head spa boom

Tell us what the response to the treatment offering has been like so far.

“Our launch week unfolded with remarkable energy and anticipation. The response from our clients was nothing short of exhilarating. Within a matter of days, our appointment calendar filled up, resulting in a five-week waitlist. The eagerness to experience our treatment was palpable, and we were thrilled by the overwhelming interest. 

Our online presence experienced a meteoric rise. Our social media following grew exponentially, connecting us with thousands of engaged individuals overnight. The digital buzz around our treatment was electrifying. 

Beyond the treatment room, our success had a tangible effect on the local economy. We created new jobs within the Geelong community, contributing to employment growth. To accommodate the demand, we extended our opening hours, ensuring accessibility for all. 

Our expertise caught the attention of educators. We were invited to share insights about our treatment at a Geelong TAFE during a professional development session. This recognition affirmed our leadership in the field. 

The local community embraced us wholeheartedly. Our biggest local print publication approached us for a feature. Our reputation soared as we accumulated a string of 5-star reviews from satisfied clients. These loyal patrons transformed into regular Head Spa return guests, similarly reinforcing our position as industry leaders.” 

japanese head spa salon treatment
[right] Image supplied by Geelong Advertiser

Do you foresee more beauty salons adopting head spa technologies in 2024? Why or why not?

“Absolutely! The future of beauty salons is undeniably intertwined with head spa technologies, and I stand at the forefront of this transformative movement. 

In my capacity as a trailblazer in this field, I’ve witnessed an unprecedented surge of interest. Over 100 salons, spanning both national and international landscapes, have reached out to me personally. Their enquiries echo a resounding desire: to seamlessly integrate head spa treatments into their offerings. I’ve been instrumental in guiding many of these salons through the process, ensuring successful implementation.

The overwhelming enthusiasm from fellow salon owners has propelled me beyond consultation. Recognising the need for wider accessibility, I’ve embarked on a new venture – equipment distribution within Australia. By making cutting-edge head spa technology available to a broader audience, I aim to elevate the industry as a whole. 

But my commitment doesn’t end there. I’m meticulously mapping out online head spa education strategies. Empowering fellow professionals with knowledge ensures that this transformative experience reaches every client, leaving no scalp untouched. 

In summary, the trajectory is clear: head spa technologies are not merely a trend; they’re a paradigm shift. And I’m honored to lead the charge toward a scalp-centric revolution.”

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