Murad Serum Refills Designed to Reduce Packaging by 85%

Murad has launched two new serum refills in Australia, marking the latest stage in the skincare brand’s sustainability efforts.

Murad’s best-selling Retinal ReSculpt Overnight Treatment and Cellular Hydration Barrier Repair Serum are now available in refills. The move is set to reduce product packaging of the two products by 85%.

“With sustainability and value at the forefront of consumers’ minds today, we’re proud to now offer our science-backed skincare innovations in eco-friendly, cost-saving refillable packaging,” explains Paul Schiraldi, CEO of Murad. “It’s been the brand’s life’s mission to help people attain healthier skin. Now, we’re extending that mission to support the health of our planet.”

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The refills were launched to overseas markets in April. Murad salons and clinics are the first stockists to receive inventory of the refills, holding the exclusive rights to sell the refills until stock is set to go live via Murad’s website in September.

On the move, Emma Hindmarsh, GM of Murad Australia says: “In Australia, we start the roll-out of this refill initiative with our professional partners in clinics around the country. This exclusive launch builds on our commitment to support our small business partners at a time when market pressures are high. Murad: Sustainability for business, sustainability for planet.” 

Murad has expressed its hopes to re-launch its entire serum line as refillables in the near future.

To learn more on Murad’s new refill serums, contact Murad Australia on 1800 687 237.

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