Hands-on versus Device-Driven Muscle Stimulation to Slow the Signs of Aging

Hannah Gay weighs up two distinctive ‘workouts for the face’ in a bid to showcase today’s unparalleled, non-invasive facial lifting offerings.

Hands-on facial massage

Seasoned buccal and sculptural lifting specialist, Isabella Loneragan is a master in the art of manual facial massage. The owner of her namesake Bowral-based clinic has recently launched The Intrinsic Illumination Facial: a multifaceted facial experience designed to provide both a holistic and physical outcome for clients.

The innovative treatment serves as a style of neurocosmetics targeting the brain-skin connection. “Touch therapy is what I do,” Isabella says. “The Merkel cell is that cell that receives pressure point therapy.” The facial is designed to work on intrinsic, or internal health, as well as the health of the skin.

Isabella explains, “It’s not just a skin brightness outcome. It is internal health, emotional tension, release, lifting, brightness, overall skin clarity; a true silver bullet treatment.” The facial combines three unique massage techniques in one: traditional Japanese Kobido (a favourite of Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow), Chinese Chuanzhi acupressure movements (spruiked by a host of celebrities including  Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Ashley Graham), and Russian-derived Buccal massage.

Experiencing The Intrinsic Illumination Facial is an experience like no other; a combination of hardworking movements designed to sooth and reset tired facial muscles. Hands work to target pressure points on the skin’s surface, and inside the mouth along the jawline. Sweeping movements, while seemingly counterintuitive, “pull out the fibrousness of the muscle and fascia.”

“Merkel is probably the driver behind Chinese acupressure”. She likens Chinese Chuanzhi to a “facial dance”. While the Merkel cell lives in our deeper layers, Isabella is conscious to pay equal attention to our uppermost layers using both firm and soft pressure. The result is an instantly lifted, sculpted face and brightened complexion that’s made obvious even on the youngest of faces.

Isabella traveled to Paris and London to complete her most recent training after hearing of Kobido while training in Buccal with Yakov Gershkovich five years ago. She admits undertaking her most recent six days of training overseas was a financial commitment, but says buccal has paid off in dividends – “you need to spend money to make money”.

“I know the industry well enough that I know what my clients want, and also because I’m moving into B2B with training. And I know what therapists want, and I know what they want to see. I believe I can build a relationship with you if I touch you. If you’re connected with your client, you’re going to get repeat business and people are going to pay for your treatment.”

Device-driven facial toning

Comparably, device distributor and clinic owner of 35 years, Yaffa Zhav is passionate about “healthy anti-aging”. Her motive is to provide advanced technological solutions to salons and clinics that are cost-effective, space effective and suitable to their unique clients’ needs.

In developing Zhav International’s latest device – the Dynamic Lift + Moisture Testing – Yaffa worked with her own team of local, award-winning engineers to craft an innovative non-surgical face lifting solution, minus the use of heat. The hands-free device combines several technologies in one for optimum skin support, namely combined microcurrent and faradic current to work on both superficial and deeper muscle. Dynamic Lift + Moisture Testing was designed to produce a powerful intensity grade of 500-800uA. Rather than relying on heat to stimulate muscle tone and produce collagen, the device works on muscle memory.

Zhav International Dynamic Lift + Moisture Testing

Yaffa suggests that over time, our muscle tone diminishes due to a slowdown in collagen production, alongside another factor in aging: muscle memory. Nonetheless, the human body retains the ability to recall the biological composition of its muscles. By combining microcurrent and faradic current, studies are said to show an initiation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) (or simply, energy) in our deepest dermal layers. 

Treatment using the device can take as little as 15 minutes. Pads are applied to the face, while a single handpiece is run over each side of the face. A serum can then be infused into the skin following the lift. Six weekly treatments are recommended, with additional treatments suggested thereafter. Yaffa recommends clients commit to a membership-style program for maximum results. In conjunction with the currents, Dynamic Lift + Moisture Testing includes LED light therapy and, as its name suggests, a moisture testing tool to provide an accurate reading of skin’s hydration levels.

To undergo Isabella Loneragan’s Intrinsic intensive training, visit this link.
To learn more about the ZHAV Dynamic Lift + Moisture Testing device, visit this link.

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