Pure Goddess Hits the Market With Natural Weight Loss Supplement Amid Ozempic Craze

Australian health brand Pure Goddess has launched a ARTG-listed natural weight loss supplement, Metabolism & Energy Superblend.

The ingestible wellness product has garnered over a million dollars in sales since officially launching last year, touted as a revolutionary alternative to underground celebrity-obsessed drug Ozempic for weight loss.

Metabolism & Energy Superblend was developed by founder and women’s health professional, Julie Van de Gevel in collaboration with a nutritionist. The weight loss supplement combines 11 natural ingredients, with soluble plant fiber Glucomannan as its hero component.

While not considered a like-for-like alternative to diabetes medication Ozempic, Julie tells Professional Beauty The Superblend can mimic some of the same weight loss benefits. “Ozempic works for weight loss by mimicking the GLP-1 effect and slowing gastric emptying so you feel fuller for longer after eating, food cravings are curbed and you have a feeling of satiety.” 

Where Ozempic is doctor-prescribed for the treatment of diabetes, The Superblend is not doctor-prescribed and utilises Glucomannan, said to hold up to 100 times its weight in water. “When you take a sachet of The Superblend in water, it reaches your stomach and the Glucomannan lies against the stomach walls and expands. This delays gastric emptying (the rate at which food passes through your stomach) similar to Ozempic.” Julie notes other benefits such as supporting a healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels, increasing energy levels and enhancing calorie burning.

Pure Goddess Metabolism & Energy Superblend

“Glucomannan has been used in food products in Asian countries for many years and we are slowly starting to see Glucomannan be introduced into Australia as the health benefits supported through many research studies make it a great health food,” Julie adds. “It has been shown to not only aid in weight loss but also improve the lipid and blood glucose profiles and gut microbiome of participants in the studies. No studies have shown any side effects from taking Glucomannan.

In a bid to stand out from the market, Julie sought to develop a healthy weight loss supplement free of gluten, dairy, GMO’s and refined sugar. “I also did not want something that was filled with empty ingredients that were not at therapeutic levels,” she said. “I also could not find a product that hit all the pressure points that cause women to be unable to lose weight.”

A former midwife, Julie has spent years working in predominantly female environments and witnessing women struggle with the same issues with health and weight gain. “Adding to that my own health struggles with thyroid issues and menopause made me realise that weight gain and the struggle to lose weight for many women is not as simple as ‘just eat less’ and ‘move more’, or just stop eating the junk food that your body might be craving.”

“Contrary to popular belief stopping eating unhealthy sugary foods is not a will power issue, it is a hormone issue, predominantly an insulin issue especially as women age. I spent about two years researching how this problem could be supported through both diet and supplements, [where craving could be] controlled with natural ingredients. [I worked to ensure] The Superblend would do exactly what it was intended to do and not just be another one of those supplements that claim a lot but do very little.”

“When you take a sachet of The Superblend in water, it reaches your stomach and the Glucomannan lies against the stomach walls and expands. This delays gastric emptying (the rate at which food passes through your stomach) similar to Ozempic.”

Julie’s background has provided her an understanding of the physiology of birth, an in-depth knowledge of how the human body works, and extensive understanding of certain medical conditions such as diabetes. “I spent many years caring for women and analysed many pathology reports, seeing the same deficiencies pop up again and again.”

The team undertook the rigorous process of getting The Superblend ARTG-listed over two years due to its active ingredient profile. “We worked with our nutritionist and formulations consultant to ensure that The Superblend, the ingredients and dosage levels were all backed by rigorous studies showing their effectiveness for weight loss and the benefit claims listed on the ARTG. We also worked closely with our TGA approved manufacturers and their technical team to ensure we met and followed the stringent guidelines outlined by the TGA for everything down to the manufacturing to the labeling, and packaging of The Superblend.”

Next, Pure Goddess is set to re-release The Superblend in a new flavour, as well as tweaking the flavour of the original Superblend. “I’m a menopausal woman who understands the difficulties of losing weight and feeling good at this stage in life so we are also working on a product that will be specifically for women in menopause.”

“I feel incredibly excited about where Pure Goddess is going and excited about the ways in which we can support our customers and community to feel the best they can. I’ve witnessed what women can do when they are supported to feel good and believe in themselves, they are unstoppable and that is why I created Pure Goddess.”

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