DMK Launches New Master Delivery Home Prescriptive Range

With a new skincare addition to its stable, DMK National Sales, Business Development and Key Relationship Manager, Eddie Norcross reveals to Anita Quade how the latest line has pushed the company’s technology and product effectiveness to the next level.

DMK’s Eddie Norcross

Anita Quade: DMK has launched a new product line called DMK MD, can you tell us a bit about the range?

Eddie Norcross: “The DMK MD (Master Delivery) Home Prescriptive range represents the application of principles and functions found in biological systems to produce scientific-based solutions. The DMK MD range matches the skin’s natural homeostasis and supports DMK’s Advanced Paramedical Skin Revision Concept to REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT and MAINTAIN. At DMK, we bridge the gap between biology and design, advancing the adoption of nature-inspired physiological strategies to solve the most prominent skin conditions. Nature provides us with an untapped source of disruptive innovation and knowledge that could translate into solving current healthcare conditions. The design of products following nature’s design has played a vital role in pushing DMK’s technology and product effectiveness to the next level.

The DMK MD range offers aesthetic efficacy in a cross-sectional domain, where mid-spectral dermatology conditions are addressed through in-clinic professional procedures and Home Prescriptives.”

What products are included in the MD range, and how are they different from other professional skincare products ?

“The DMK MD range includes our much-loved Enbioment microbiome restoring 3-product system and our reformulated luxury Advanced Age Management (formerly Limited™) products, including TransGenesis, Elevate FirMatrix, Eye Web and Wetter Than Water. These later formulations have undergone minor tweaks to include all-natural preservatives, for those with paraben and sulphate sensitivities. The design of products following nature’s design has played a vital role in pushing DMK’s technology and product effectiveness to the next level.

DMK MD was created by our DMK founder, Danné Montague-King, to expand upon the Advance Skin Revision program. Through further education, DMK MD will provide our qualified Skin Technicians and DMK clinics with the tools and skills required to revise more advanced skin conditions and unlock the regenerative benefits associated with a combination of professional treatments and the new MD Home Prescriptive products. By using products that directly target conditions that impair the skin barrier, DMK DM works with the chemistry of the skin, for long- term real results, not just the ‘quick fix’.”

Who should use the new DMK MD range?

“The Advanced Age Management collection utilises the most advanced ingredients to address targeted skin functions. These dynamic formulas are aimed at people looking to lift, firm and hydrate their skin, at any age.

The Enbioment system was created for people suffering from various dermatological disorders due to an imbalance or a deficit in the skin’s microbiome. Individuals suffering from eczema, rosacea, skin fungus, psoriasis or atopic dermatitis are prime candidates for using Enbioment because these conditions are commonly associated with an imbalance in the skin’s microbiome.”

Can we treat viral skin conditions with the MD Enbioment microbiome range?

“Enbioment is not intended to treat or cure any disease. It is designed to help re-establish health and diversity in the skin’s microbiome. This is the microflora that humans host on the surface of our bodies. If our theories are correct, many visible skin conditions are caused or aggravated by an imbalanced microbiome, with a re-established microbiome, the reduction of many of the symptoms may be realised.”

Is DMK MD doing anything to limit the environmental impact in the industry?

“Our goal is to deliver products and services delivered in a way that minimises the environmental impact and promotes business integrity. The DMK MD green mission products uses containers that are PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) material and glass, which are 100% recyclable. This is critical because, without PCR demand, most plastic entering the recycling system still ends up in landfills. Recyclable plastics were chosen for many of the containers because the majority of products are shipped internationally. The reduced weight for shipping reduces our overall carbon emissions. The DMK MD products are delivered in cardboard-made boxes without any special treatment, allowing the boxes to be 100% recyclable.”

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