What’s New and What’s Next: COSMOVISION 2023-2028

The Asia-Pacific beauty market is one to watch in 2023; so much so that over 2,400 exhibiting KOLs and product manufacturers from across the globe opt to convene at Cosmoprof Asia annually. The event serves as a key melting pot where the region’s latest and greatest trends are best observed.

Australian beauty industry movers-and-shakers are often found in attendance, aiming to bring home evidence of new ingredients, delivery systems and technologies worth catering to our local market.

Professional Beauty’s Hannah Gay flew to Hong Kong for the 2023 show. Strolling through the countless rows of exhibitor stands, she made note of the most common (and most surprising) talking points. Some of the most common products and skincare ingredients found include:

  • Sea water and algae extracts
  • Centella cica
  • Peptides
  • Rice
  • Tricholoma Matsutake Extract (funghi)
  • Magnesium
  • Urea
  • Epigenetics
  • Micro Liposomes 
  • Hair and scalp growth and rejuvenation topicals and devices
  • Devices for at-home use
  • Ampoules and skin boosters
  • Heatless professional wax
  • Brow lamination

Unique ingredients like snail mucin and human placenta extract were also available.

Global beauty industry resource, BEAUTYSTREAMS hosted its COSMOVISION 2023-2028 presentation at COSMOTALKS. The trend-forecasters discussed the impact of ‘Celebrating Otherness’ in devising and marketing products into the future. In the report, BEAUTYSTREAMS said “Celebrating Otherness highlights what makes an individual special. When embracing their uniqueness, consumers will be drawn to those brands, products, and services that think alike”. It was recommended KOLs lean into five distinct trends:

1. The skin-regenerating properties of epidermal growth factors

–> EGFs for use on skin and scalp, that can adapt to an individual’s cells.
–> this is especially useful for use post-treatment to assist with skin rejuventation.

2. The skin-healing powers of exosomes

–> exosomes act as messages in the body, prompting cell regeneration
–> rose and cica plants, for example, can be used as exosomes
–> it’s now possible to conduct a more personalised approach to exosomes
–> South Korean brands are leading the trend.

3. Products that promote skin clarity

–> desire is mounting for the appearance of extra refined skin; everybody wants it.

4. Upping the sensorial factor with heating and cooling effects

–> skincare should be seen as a highly personal, indulgent experience.

5. High-tech devices that treat the body and scalp.

–> looking at the ‘skintification’ of the body and scalp.

BEAUTYSTREAMS’ COSMOVISION 2023-2028 trend report can be found in full here.

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