Global Nail Design Awards 2013

The Global Nail Design Awards 2013 (GNDAs) will be taking place on Sunday 27 October, Gold Coast, Queensland. Known in the industry as Australia’s international nail competition, it is open to competitors worldwide.


Featuring international guest judge, Gina Silvestro, from the USA, this competition includes four technical events and five art categories including two poster events that can be submitted online from anywhere in the world.

Themes & Events for the 2013 Global Nail Design Awards:
Technical Floor Events

Acrylic or Gel French (sculptured) Competition Nails (one hand)

Gel Manicure (two hands)

Design (sculptured) (one hand)

Tag Team (Tip Extensions) Competition French (one hand)


Art Categories

Flat Nail Art – Things that make you go mmm!
(This theme relates to anything you find appealing)

3D Nail Art (Boxed): The ‘Ice Age’
(This theme relates to the Ice Age era)

Fantasy Nail Art (Boxed): ‘People of the World’
(This theme can include cultures or anything relating to people and our world)

Poster Designer Nails (Email Submission): ‘Simply 70s’
(This theme relates to anything in the 1970s including culture, trends, etc.)

Poster Toe Nails (Email Submission): ‘Gothic’
(This theme relates to anything depicting the Gothic culture or style)

For further information visit or to register

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