Dynamic Skin Solutions at EcoXpo Melbourne and Sydney

Dynamic Skin Solutions, the Australian distributor of Sranrom Aromatic Body Care, exhibited at the EcoXpo in Melbourne on April 19 and will be heading to Sydney in September.

Image: the Sranrom stand at Melbourne EcoXpo
Image: the Sranrom stand at Melbourne EcoXpo

EcoXpo is an event based on sustainable eco living. The expo exhibits thousands of sustainable products that help promote a lifestyle that is natural, organic and eco-conscious. The expo is geared towards consumers who are seeking products with ingredients that are sustainably farmed, cruelty free, without ‘nasty’ ingredients and packaged using recyclable materials.

The natural and organics market is expanding quickly with consumers becoming aware and focused on using products that contain fewer chemicals and preservatives. They are seeking for brands that are like-minded and conscious of protecting and preserving the earth.

Sranrom is an Aromatherapy body range from Thailand that is derived from natural ingredients, it is cruelty free and ethical. All Sranrom products are without synthetic colours or fragrance, and they are made from pure essential oils and plant extracts

Dynamic Skin Solutions will be exhibiting their Sranrom line again at the EcoXpo in Sydney September 20-22nd. The EcoXpo will be held at Rosehill Racecourse.

For more information on Sranrom, contact Dynamic Skin Solutions (02) 9525 8368.

To find out more about EcoXpo, visit http://www.ecoxpo.com.au/.

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