Upcoming BioCeuticals Research Symposium in Sydney

The annual medical symposium in Sydney is back this year from May 10 with guest speakers Michael F. Holick, Dr Lise Alschuler, Mark Blumenthal and Dr Nigel Plummer.

The BioCeuticals Research Symposium will run from May 10 till the 11th at the Shangri-La Hotel in Sydney. This is a cutting edge medical symposium that will have a real impact in stemming the chronic disease rates in Australia.

More than seven million Australians suffer from at least one chronic condition; the goal of this symposium is to translate medical research into practical reality. Transforming themed research into innovation, and ultimately – practice. The symposium will unveil the latest advances and discoveries in nutritional and integrative medicine, covering everything from heart disease to childhood allergies and ADHD.

“BioCeuticals understands the growing need to stem the tide of chronic disease in Australia,” said Dr Mark Donohoe, Symposium Facilitator and Integrative Medical Specialist.

“Unfortunately this is a growing problem that, as practitioners, we must all work to solve,” he said.

Integrative medicine is a rapidly growing field in Australia, with domestic sales reaching $1 billion per year. “However, we still need to address the seven billion Australians who have at least one chronic condition,” said Dr Donohoe.

This year, the keynote international speakers include Professor Michael F. Holick, Dr Lise Alschuler, Mark Blumenthal and Dr Nigel Plummer.

Key topics that will be addressed include: new advances on probiotic therapies for gut health, integrative medicine for mood disorders and anxiety, metabolic nutrients for cardiovascular health, clinical insights in women’s health, new research in the benefits of vitamin D and new advances in reducing cancer through nutritional medicine.

BioCeuticals is an Australian provider of practitioner-only nutritional and therapeutic supplements. As a company in the forefront of evidence-based integrative medicine, BioCeuticals is committed to helping educate healthcare professionals on research and its practical applications.

For more information visit www.bioceuticals .com.au

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