Diary: WelleCo Team Talk Gut Health, Pure Fish Collagen and Elle Macpherson Over Morning Tea

Earlier this month, select beauty and wellness media were invited to partake in a sit-down presentation hosted by WelleCo in Sydney’s Camperdown.

The event ran out of Thrive 360 HQ and was joined by WelleCo CEO, Leighton Richards. On arrival, guests were treated to a tasty smoothie containing the famous supplement powder.

The presentation kicked off with a brief history of the brand made famous by its former model co-founder, Elle MacPherson. 

In 2024, Welleco will celebrate ten years since its launch. The brand initially started as a passion project for Elle, who had ‘reached a slump’ in vitality and was on the hunt for a solution. That’s when she met Dr Simoné Laubscher – a nutritionist and naturopath. 

Simone had noted Elle was experiencing high levels of oxidative stress in the body. After admitting to Simone she had been “taking 40 supplements a day” and reaping little benefit, the duo worked together to craft what would later be known as the WelleCo Super Elixir.

Simone, who attended the Sydney event as a speaker, revealed to guests that it’s not uncommon to “start to hit the wall” at the age of 50. Developing WelleCo served as an opportunity to “celebrate the exciting second half of life.”

[left to right] Leighton Richards and Dr Simoné Laubscher

Simone explained how from the get-go, she and Elle were invested in working on the function of the body, attempting to better understand what the body really needs. WelleCo products serve as a preventative, rather than a quick-fix solution for the body, Simone said.

She also discussed the role inflammation plays in the development of disease in the body. WelleCo products therefore contain pre- and probiotics, as well a plant-based vitamin C – the first brand to reportedly do so. 

Powders and capsules also contain pure fish collagen over bovine “because the less humans involved [in its production], the better.” What’s more, bioavailable enzymes in WelleCo products also work to help break down collagen in the gut.

A new WelleCo product – an evening elixir – was also announced, due to launch in October 2023.

Guests enjoyed a nutritious, WelleCo-packed morning tea, before taking home a goodie bag containing a series of WelleCo powders and supplements.

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