Diary: L1FE CirQul8 launches at Icebergs soiree

With wellness a major focus on everyone’s agenda in 2022, Juenesse Australasia treated media to the unveiling of their holistic approach to a heart-healthy life with the launch of L1FE CirQul8.

Guests were treated to lunch at the stunning Icebergs Private Dining Room in Bondi, while learning the science behind the vitamins that aim to support and maintain immunity, cardiovascular health and mitochondrial energy in a single daily dose.

Australia’s leading cardiologist Dr Ross Walker was on hand to share his thoughts on the benefits of the capsule.

L1FE CirQul8 event
Dr Ross Walker holds court at Icebergs, celebrating the launch of L1FE CirQul8

General manager of Jeunesse Australasia Rachel McVinish said: “Our scientists at Jeunesse have looked deeply at what wellbeing freedom could look like in a product – how we can bring together powerful compounds that support immunity and mitochondrial energy in a formulation that is supported by cutting-edge research and over 70 scientific studies.”

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