An Exceptional Lunch with Thalgo

Beauty editors gathered at Matt Moran’s Aria restaurant to celebrate the launch of Exception Ultime under the instruction of Thalgo International Trainer, Nawael Marechal.

Thalgo’s Exception Ultime

Ten years in the making, Thalgo have joined forces with university professors to create a new patented formula, bringing together two remarkable ingredients set to reinitialise the contractile power of fibroblasts and help them recover their initial youth functions.

“We are excited to be introducing this new range, Exception Ultime, to Australia and I am sure it will be a great success. Only the second country to receive this line, outside of France, the new anti-ageing range is the premier range within the Thalgo offering — targeting a number of concerns in ageing skin while providing a luxury offering and incorporating massage techniques with our patented Age Reverse Complex,” said Nawael.

The Exception Ultime range works not only to stimulate collagen production but on the contractive force of the fibroblast through two main active ingredients: Natural Algae Hormones, improving oxygen to fibroblasts; and Precious Extract of Egyptian Fig Tree, plant molecules with the ability to restore the fibroblasts’ migratory capacity. In addition, Exception Ultime formulas contain high concentrations of targeted active ingredients such as the biomimetic molecule Skin Designer, Lastine 3D and Oleuropen Complex.

“We are talking about skincare for women who are forty-plus and there are a whole new set of circumstances that happen to skin in the age group to do with declining levels of hormones in the body, oestrogen in particular. It’s the Natural Algae Hormones, discovered by Thalgo, that are able to bio-mimetically replace oestrogen in the body and allow the skins functionality to be maintained,” explained Nicola Gleeson, General Manager BLC Cosmetics.

BLC Team
The BLC Cosmetics team

The Exception Ultime range comprises: Ultimate Time Solution Cream (in two textures), Ultimate Time Solution Serum and Ultimate Time Solution Eyes and Lips; while in-salon, the Exception Ultime range also offers an Ultimate Time Solution Ritual incorporating Energilift Ultime Massage (exclusive to Thalgo), Ultimate Time Solution Mask and Ultimate Time Solution Creams in a 90 minute treatment.

“A real signature of Thalgo’s professional excellence, the Ultimate Time Solution Ritual is more than a treatment — it’s a five-step ritual based on the alchemy of precious marine ingredients and unique manual techniques. The quintessence of ultimate effectiveness and infinite sensorality, this ritual is a treasure with rare elegance,” highlighted Sandra Cass-Clausse, Treatment Protocol Development Manager.

Yet another weapon in the Exception Ultime arsenal, massage technique is key to the success of this range. Specific application techniques are employed for each product within the range with the ritual itself accompanied by an intense 20 minute “manual facelift” that truly offers fitness for the face.

For further information visit or call (02) 9477 6900.

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