Babor Training Classes

Babor Australia are holding a number of upcoming workshops, this year, from basic skin care training through to cosmeceutical, spa and makeup classes.


Skin Care Classes
Three-days, 10am – 4pm

These classes cover the entire Babor premium and luxury skin care ranges. During the three days, Babor will train on home care recommendation and performing professional treatments.


Day 1- Intro to Babor, cleansing, fluids, basic care, sun, men and specialised masks
Day 2- SkinovagePX and SkinovagePX massage (effective touch massage)
Day 3- High Skin Refiner (for anti-ageing) and Sea Creation (ultimate luxury for pro-youth)

Dates: Day 1: 19 August; 14 October; 9 December. Day 2: 20 August; 15 October; 10 December. Day 3: 21 August; 16 October; 11 December.

Spa Body Classes
One-day, 10am – 4pm

In this class Babor cover spa products and treatments for both wet and dry facilities. Learn about the spa ritual techniques and how to achieve body wellness. Day 1 also covers their manicure and pedicure range.

One-day- Bodyline Thermal products, Spa Mediterranean (for hands and feet) and Spa Body Treatments.

Dates: By appointment.

Doctor Babor Cosmeceuticals
Two-day, 10am – 4pm


Working closely with a leading surgeon Babor has developed a line to solve skin problems and achieve convincing results, previously unattainable in the world of skin care. Learn about the Doctor Babor skin care range encompassing five concepts: products for pre- and post-surgery, pigmentation, acute acne, neuro-sensitive conditions and products to use instead of surgery.

Dates: Day 1: 8 or 29 July; 9 September; 21 October; 2 December. Day 2: 30 July; 10 September; 22 October; 3 December. Day 2 : By appointment.

Half-day, 9.30am –12.30pm

Babor’s ‘Green Glamour’ skin and body care line. Discover this new dimension of natural purity and effectiveness, based on eco cert organic ingredients. This line is ideal for clients following a lifestyle of health and sustainability.

Dates: 1 July; 16 September.

Babor Face Design Collection
1-day, 10am – 3pm

In-salon for stockists only. The Babor face design concept is an easy and effective way to show clients great simple techniques on how to apply the Babor makeup system. This one day course teaches make up tips from the experts.

Dates: By appointment.

For further information call 1800 139 139 or visit

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