Eminence Reflect On A Decade In Oz

Green Living Cosmetics director, Tamara Eacott reflects on ten successful years with salon skincare brand, Eminence, in Australia.

Looking back: Eminence at the 2005 Melbourne Beauty Expo
Looking back: Eminence at the 2005 Melbourne Beauty Expo

Ten years is a great feat for any brand. Let alone a brand that no one had heard of a decade ago. When Green Living Cosmetics director Tamara Eacott decided to take on the organic skincare brand, it wasn’t even a blip on the Australian radar.

Now a household name in the salon industry, Eminence has seen great success under Eacott’s wing. Professional Beauty sat down with the self-confessed health junkie and organic skincare distributor to reflect on just what ten years means to the brand…

How did your relationship with Eminence begin?

“I worked in an Eminence Spa while living in Canada and I just couldn’t imagine working with any other brand on my return to Australia. At that time there wasn’t a distributor for Eminence in Australasia so I jumped at the chance to take on this role.”

What has working with Eminence taught you over the years? 

“It has taught me that skin care is so much more than the end product you see on the shelf.  The effort involved at Eminence to create the product you eventually buy is indescribable. From the science behind effective ingredient combinations, ethical practices and all the marketing to communicate the brand message, the job is endless.”

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome as a company in the last decade?

“The world currency fluctuation continually adjusting our profit margins, which is something pre-business I never dreamt would be an issue in my life. Keeping up with the fast pace of changes in internet technology and unauthorised online sellers have created a whole new challenge to brand integrity. The list is long and varied but I won’t go on!”

What has been your most memorable moment working with Eminence in the last decade? 

We were the very delighted recipients of a Supplier of Choice Award in the 2013 ASPA Awards of Excellence. There have been many highlights but this is a recent achievement we are particularly proud of.

What does the next decade hold for Eminence?

“We are looking forward to seeing brand new ingredient and efficacy technology coming through and Eminence leading the way as the most results driven organic skin care brand in the world. In addition we have some incredible community initiatives due for launch and we are constantly striving for a softer environmental footprint. The only way is up for Eminence and I think the next ten years will be more exciting than the last.”


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