Sound Healing workshop at Sydney Expo

Elly Lukas College is hosting workshops in the Therapeutic Application of Sound Healing in the Spa with Elise Zotos (pictured), at the Sydney International Spa & Beauty Expo in September.

Sound healing benefits both the therapist and the client. It can bring treatments to profoundly deeper levels of healing and effectiveness by shifting the energy of the body towards a balanced state, so the body’s natural healing capabilities are awakened and stimulated.

Increase your own health and revenue per treatment while offering clients a unique spa treatment that truly makes a difference both internally and externally. Learn how to bring the opportunity and experience of transformation, balance and radiant beauty for your clients, using sound healing in the spa with therapeutic crystal and alchemy singing bowls.

Participants will experience first-hand the power of sound in a therapeutic application. This presentation will enlighten attendees to the many possibilities in creating new and unique treatments incorporating sound with the use of the crystal singing bowls. No prior music experience necessary.

Attendees will participate in easy to learn sound healing techniques, including the use of specific bowls for different chakras. Use of pre-recorded sound and guided meditations will also be covered.

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