Ella Bache College Launches Dual Diploma in the Business of Beauty

Australian skin and beauty college Ella Bache has announced the opening of a brand new course – a Dual Diploma in the Business of Beauty (SHB50121).

Enrolments into the course are now open with the first intake start date set for this coming Monday, March 11.

The course combines two current courses offered by Ella Bache – The Diploma of Beauty Therapy and the Diploma of Salon Management. Ella Bache CEO Pippa Hallas says the goal of offering this program is to provide students with a holistic understanding of the beauty industry.

“This combination allows students to not only master the technical skills of beauty therapy but also gain crucial insights into effective salon management, creating graduates who are not only skilled practitioners but also equipped for success in various leadership roles within the beauty business,” Pippa tells Professional Beauty.

The Dual Diploma in the Business of Beauty course runs for 15 months – the same timeframe as the provider’s stand-alone Beauty Therapy and Salon Management courses. Pippa notes the curriculum merge as “a strategic decision” rooted in Ella Bache’s “commitment to offering a comprehensive and well-rounded education.”

Training Beauty Therapy graduates with “the strategic and operational skills” required of salon managers and other industry leaders “empowers our graduates to not only perform excellently in their roles but also contribute to the success of the beauty establishments they work in or choose to establish,” Pippa adds.  Such skills include an understanding of the business aspects of running a salon, including financial management, marketing, and customer relations.

Ella Bache is set to launch a Dual Diploma in the Business of Beauty

For students opting into the Dual Diploma in the Business of Beauty, Pippa sees they offer “a unique value proposition to future employers”. “They bring a versatile skill set encompassing both technical expertise and managerial acumen. The success of many in the beauty industry, comes down to their ability to inspire and manage teams.”

“Creating an incredible employee experience is more valuable than ever before. This dual diploma enhances their employability, making them valuable assets to beauty businesses looking for professionals capable of contributing to both client satisfaction and the overall success of the salon.”

In consideration of future industry trends, Pippa anticipates “continued growth and evolution”, particularly in the areas of skin and technology (including skin diagnosis, ingredients, techniques, sustainability, and personalised skin solutions).

“As a leading institution, we aim to stay at the forefront of innovations, incorporating them into our programs to ensure our graduates are well-prepared for the changing landscape. Additionally, we hope to witness increased diversity and inclusivity within the industry, fostering an environment where beauty is celebrated in all its forms.”

Ella Bache College courses are available to students located in NSW, QLD and VIC via EDFLEX™ ON CAMPUS and EDFLEX™ BLENDED options. For those unable to attend in-person training, the provider’s stand-alone Diploma in Salon Management course is 100 percent available online.

“Our desire is to see the beauty industry become a space that not only transforms appearances but also promotes self-confidence and empowerment for individuals from all walks of life. We aspire to contribute to positive changes in beauty standards and practices, creating a more inclusive and forward-thinking industry for the benefit of both professionals and consumers.”

To learn more on the Ella Bache Dual Diploma in the Business of Beauty, visit this link.

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