Derma Aesthetics lecture boasts beauty leaders

Next week, Derma Aesthetics will host three inspirational seminars on the future of skincare in Australia.

Providing tips, insights and expertise on developments in the field of skincare will be beauty industry leaders, Florence Barrett-Hill from Pastiche Resources, New Zealand, Dr Hans Lautenschläger; Head of product development, Dermaviduals, Germany and Jennifer Brodeur; Co-founder of Max LED Technologies.

The seminars are:

Sunday, August 1 – The Chemistry of Linking Product Composition to Skin Structure and Function
• Examine the two major elements of planning a treatment program and choosing the right modality and chemicals needed for corrective intervention or treatment of a skin condition.
• Learn how to link skin structure and function to skin condition, and then link skin condition to product composition.
• Learn how to ensure that you always choose the most appropriate treatment protocols and approach.

Monday, August 2 – Skin Disorders: Recognise, Educate and Refer
• Special information that will assist you in recognising common skin disorders.
• Review of the consultation process to ascertain the leading cause of the skin disorder and link that cause to structure and function to skin.
• Eight common conditions including ACD, itchyosis, assorted skin cancers, actinic porciodermis, xanthelasma and seborrehic keratosis.
• Learn how to provide superior diagnostic services and provide more appropriate advice and referrals for your clients.

Tuesday, August 3 – Corneotherapy – free seminar
Dr Hans Lautenschläger will conduct an exclusive free interactive workshop where you will learn about:
• Corneotherapy – the skincare of the future that is perfectly adapted to the needs of individual skin types and conditions. This makes it the number one preventative measure against premature skin ageing and potential skin problems.
• Corrective skincare.
• LED Light therapies.

Venue: Harbourview Hotel, 16 Blue Street North Sydney.

Register via email: or phone (02) 9968 4914.


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