ARTDECO’s 25th Anniversary

ARTDECO cosmetics celebrated its 25th anniversary in Munich, Germany, in July.

Representatives from 65 countries attended the red carpet extravaganza at the Munich Convention Hall, which was adorned with a visual history of ARTDECO’s famous models from the past 25 years since the brand’s founding in 1985.

Brent Strong, Director of Australia and New Zealand’s ARTDECO distributor, United Brands Australia and United Brands New Zealand respectively, attended on behalf of both countries. He commented: “It was a truly impressive event. Whilst the Germans know how it organise a party, the highlight was having delegates from 65 countries celebrating together, which made for a very enjoyable night. It’s always fascinating to meet delegates from other countries and share stories about how each country markets and sells the same brand.”

Australia and New Zealand were given a special mention by the company founder Mr Helmut Baurecht during the main speech of the night.

Brent Strong, pictured, above left with Mike Lessard (Canada) and Ulrike Strohschnitter (Germany), also attended the annual ARTDECO International Marketing Conference to learn about ARTDECO’s plans for 2011 and beyond.

“Whilst the 25th Anniversary milestone is important to acknowledge and celebrate, there are a lot of truly revolutionary innovations coming up in the near future for ARTDECO, so the party time is short-lived as there is so much more to be done!” he said.

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