Customise and Collect with SOUL

SOUL’s Customise and Collect customer communication training will guide your team to greater understanding and communicating with your customers, leading to greater efficiency and profitability.

Nicole Wells, Founder of SOUL Worldwide and Board Member of the Australasian Spa Association, has assembled a team of Australia’s leading communications, profiling and sales experts. Inspired by psychologist Carl Jung’s personality types theory, Customise and Collect incorporates elements of SOUL Worldwide’s psychometric profiling and communications system, currently used by Hilton Worldwide, Six Senses and Ritz Carlton.

“Most businesses focus on creating transactions, and not interactions. It’s time for a change! Through building a connection and developing trust, a loyal relationship is established,” Wells said.

The fun, interactive workshop presents your team with the insight and direction to customise your communications with all customers, creating rapport, loyalty and increasing sales. The course aims to train staff to tailor communication to each customer individually to aid in growing your business, dealing with challenging customers and creating loyal clients and better communicating within the team.

Course fees include the SOUL Communication Certification.

“I’m so excited about finally having the opportunity to present SOUL’s courses here in Australia, after spending a lot of the past 12 months in the USA and Asia. My SOUL personality type is O – which means that I just thrive interacting with people, and I really enjoy taking teams with an already high level of customer service, to better heights of understanding their customers’ personalities and in turn how to best communicate with them! It’s a win-win situation.”

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