Issada reaches 100 stockists

Issada Cosmetics announced that it is now stocked in over 100 of Australia’s most prestigious salons, spas, cosmetic clinics, and used by makeup artists Australia-wide.

The brand reports that Australia’s salons, spas, clinics and makeup artists have embraced its luxe skin-treating products, unique philosophy and passion for education and support.

With over 100 spas, salons, clinics and makeup artists using Issada nationwide, this boutique Brisbane brand is redefining Australian beauty, and cementing its status as Australia’s favourite skin-loving cosmetics company.

Issada is a local boutique makeup brand that has still managed to find a very high-profile fan base.

Issada CEO/Founder, Fiona Neale, said:
“Creating the Issada brand has been a constant flow of dreams coming true and milestones being achieved. I am delighted we have over 100 salons, spas and clinics who believe our product is the best available. It is truly flattering to have so many devoted followers. This achievement is vital for us as we do not sell our products on the internet. We believe in personal, customised service and professional recommendations. One hundred stockists means the Issada products are accessible to a greater number of clients.”

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