Caronlab’s European Road Show

Founder and director of Caronlab Lilliane Caron took her team on a six-week whirlwind European road show – ending their adventures at the Professional Beauty UK Expo Dublin.

Waxxxpress at the Pro Beauty Expo Dublin
The team at Professional Beauty UK Expo Dublin

Earlier in 2013, Lilliane Caron and her training team met and educated beauty therapists in the UK, Denmark, Middle East and Eastern Europe. Therapists gathered at Caronlab training sessions that covered every aspect of strip and hard waxing.

Many therapists who attended were excited to learn the Lilliane Caron signature Brazilian waxing technique. “We found all the therapists were hungry for knowledge and training. Many had concerns with waxes being too hot or what to do when clients complain about redness and itchiness,” Lilliane said.

Lilliane training therapists
Lilliane training therapists

The Caronlab team were also pleased to address an issue that often confuse therapists – how to use and manipulate hard wax properly.

Caronlab’s training road show was a success that saw many leaving feeling more confident in doing both female and male Brazilian waxing.

Lilliane Caron in Denmark

Lilliane runs a business based on the power of positivity: “our teaching philosophy is to encourage confident and to understand the movements that deliver a graceful, easy and financially efficient waxing treatment,” she said.

While the team was in Europe, they attended the Professional Beauty UK Expo in Dublin where they exhibited in conjunction with BAAM Cosmetics. Caronlab represented Waxxxpress at the show (their online retailing brand in the UK).

Overall, Caronlab’s trip to Europe helped the brand establish a name for themselves in the international market and as a result, were able to build good business relationships. Lilliane and her team are pleased with the outcomes and will return in 2014.

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