A5M launches anti-ageing certification program

The Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A5M) has recognised the need to educate aestheticians and allied health professionals on anti-ageing medicine in an effort to incorporate this information into their current practice.

Due to this overwhelming demand from aesthetician and allied health practitioners to learn more, the A5M is launching a new certified study program in 2010 to provide the opportunity to invigorate their scope of practice and their business and offer a more integrated approach to health.

The A5M Certification in Anti-Ageing Medicine has been specifically tailored to naturopaths, nurse practitioners, aesthetic practitioners, paramedicals, nutritionists, and other allied health professionals to provide therapists with the skills to improve their clients` health treatment outcomes and achieve better overall results towards their anti-ageing goals.

It covers in-depth insight into what internal factors may be compromising your clients` skin and anti-ageing treatment options and once completing the course, you will be able to confidently apply treatment protocols based on the key anti-ageing principles, as well as effectively work with other leading anti-ageing professionals such as cosmetic surgeons, GPs and naturopaths.

Though this program leading experts will provide you with solutions through the integration of anti-ageing principles including: anti-ageing diet and nutritional protocol, relaxation and stress management techniques, exercise techniques, business strategies and managing an anti-ageing clinic.

The program focuses on anti-ageing medicine as a clinical specialty founded on advanced evidence based practices for early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of age related dysfunction, disorders and disease. After completing three core modules, three electives and a final exam, participants will be accredited specialists in anti-ageing medicine.

The Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine is the recognised service provider for the anti-ageing industry across Australasia and is an accredited provider with the RACGP and associated with ANTA, ATMS, APAN and other health practitioner associations.

As an accredited anti-ageing aesthetician, paramedical or nurse practitioner your new skills will change the way you approach your clients’ needs by offering them tailor-made nutritional protocols (including anti-ageing dietary protocols) relaxation and stress management, exercise techniques and the opportunities to work with accredited A5M practitioners.

A5M is dedicated to offering the highest training standards in Anti-Ageing Medicine and advancing the awareness of Anti-Ageing Medicine.

The A5M Certification Program in Anti-Ageing Medicine will incorporate the five pillars that provide the basis of anti-ageing medicine to improve a client’s longevity. These are:

1. Inflammation theory
2. Hormone theory
3. Antioxidant theory
4. Lifestyle theory
5. Detox theory

The A5M Certification in anti-ageing medicine will empower to bring a new level of expertise to the way you address your clients` needs, giving them the best possible chance to look and feel great and live a longer life.

For more information on the A5M Certification in Anti-Ageing Medicine for Allied Health Professionals go to www.a5m.net or call (03) 9813 0439.

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