6 Reasons to Read Terri Vinson’s Skinformation (If You Haven’t Already)

Talk to any beauty industry business owner and chances are they’ll tell you the same thing – ongoing education is a driving tool in their journey to success. Such education may start with something small like the function of an ingredient and move into the broader nuts and bolts of the business, including payroll management, stats on staff and client wellbeing, and how to achieve a bottom line. Coursework and work experience aside, therapists consistently garner greater results for their clients when kept up-to-speed on the ‘what’s what’ of the industry. This is where Skinformation comes in – a light-hearted, informative book by cosmetic chemist and Synergie Skin founder, Terri Vinson. Cover-to-cover, Hannah Gay devoured this industry guide with curiosity and more than one ‘ah ha!’ moments.

Here are six reasons to grab your copy:

Terri Vinson is the author of Skinformation: A Clean Science Guide to Beautiful Skin (2021)

1. An experienced and thoughtful teacher, Terri relays facts, figures and ideas with a personal and approachable tone; like she’s speaking to her bestie – YOU! She’s apt at explaining highly complicated biological findings in an easy-to-digest manner, packed full with analogies for the skin. The deeper you venture into its pages, Terri’s bookish yet charming personality is uncovered, where she shares everything from beauty-themed travel hacks to notes on her personal routine. Overall, the book makes for a relaxed and engaging read.

2. Terri features a whole chapter on sun protection, breaking down the differences between UVA, UVB, UVC (I never knew there was a ‘C’!) and PA ratings. You’ll also learn how to allocate a fitzpatrick type to your clients and how to differentiate between physical (natural) and chemical sunscreens. She does a great break-out on nanoparticles, too and why they should not be feared.

3. Terri provides some great guidelines around the effectiveness of common skincare products and what products/marketing are considered a gimmick. She advocates for the use of foaming cleansers as pH balancers, and shares her thoughts on the hotly debated use of micellar waters.

4. As both a beauty journalist and beauty consumer (I can’t have the former without the latter!), I found myself particularly engrossed in Terri’s chapter titled ‘What’s really in your bathroom cabinet?’ The chapter reveals some great tips on how to shop beauty products as a consumer, offering useful facts for aestheticians looking to educate their clients. Terri explains how to decode an ingredient list while providing an exceptionally detailed account of what makes up our favourite moisturisers.

5. Terri passes on her actual skincare routines, from anti-aging to dry skin. Spoiler: she shares a great mini peel solution on page 114!

6. She’s a champion of sustainable beauty, and delves deep into this in chapter 14. While detailing the unfortunate side-effects of plastic use, microbeads and pollution on our environment, Terri uses the opportunity to remind readers of the steps we can take as skincare stockists and consumers to practice green beauty without impacting on results.

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