How to boost sales at Christmas.

Looking for ways to create a Christmas atmosphere in your salon? Joanne Neville reveals simple tips to help get you into the festive spirit.

1. Keep it cool
It’s Christmas time, so we’re all busy, stressed and battling impossible to do lists. Stand out this Christmas by focusing on keeping it cool. No matter what’s going through your mind, appear calm and on top of everything, and work hard to stay on time. It’ll allow your clients to enjoy their appointment in your salon as they’ll be able to switch off from what’s happening outside of it.

2. Run a 12 days of Christmas campaign in your salon
Have some fun and run a 12 days of Christmas campaign leading up to the holidays. Each day simply offer something different – a giveaway, some homemade Christmas treats, a holiday drink or a mini gift pack. It’s a great way to delight your clients in the lead up to Christmas as well as great content for social media.

3. Set up a selfie station
It’s always a good idea to decorate your salon, spa or clinic to get everyone in the festive mood. Take it one step further with a holiday themed selfie station. Find a blank wall, create an interesting backdrop and have a basket full of props like sunglasses, frames and flowers. It’ll inject some fun into your salon and encourage your clients to share photos of their holiday-ready selves – that’s got to attract some new clients for the New Year!

4. Send a Christmas newsletter
Inform all your clients of what’s going on during December by sending a Christmas newsletter in November. Make sure you mention your opening hours, let them know when you’ll be closed over the holiday period, promote any specials and Christmas gifts you stock, and remind them to get in quick and book their pre-holiday appointments.

5. Sell holiday ready packages
Why not make it easy for your clients to look glamorous for the holiday season? Create packages that include all the services your clients need to look fabulous. Think skin, hair, nails and waxing. And if you don’t offer all these services, look to partner with a local business who can complete the services you can’t and offer it as one package for a fixed price.

6. Promote the services your clients want
It’s the time of year where everyone wants to look their best for their work Christmas party or upcoming holiday, so focus your marketing efforts on promoting the services that’ll help them achieve just that. Use your marketing channels including social media and window displays to promote express makeup for Christmas parties or focus on marketing your skin treatments so they can go makeup-free this summer.

7. Wish your clients a Merry Christmas

Surprise your clients with a Merry Christmas text or email. It won’t take too much time to set up, but it’ll go a long way towards letting your clients know you genuinely care and appreciate them. Include a thank you for being a loyal client over the past year, wish them a lovely Christmas and New Year, and mention that you can’t wait to see them at their next appointment in 2019.

8. Have a waitlist
It’s inevitable that you’ll have clients who missed out on an appointment. Unfortunately you’re also highly likely to experience no-shows and appointment changes at this time of year too. So have a list of clients who need an appointment and can pop in at short notice to fill the empty spot. Although you can’t give them an appointment now, it’ll show you’re going the extra mile fit them in!

9. Think quality
Although you’re busy really consider your service quality this Christmas. It’s not the time to cut corners just to fit more clients in. Substandard service can negatively affect a client’s experience and risk the chance that they won’t revisit. So chat to your team about service standards and see how you can all work together to keep them high.

10. Treat your clients
Christmas is a great time to thank your clients for their loyalty. So why not offer delicious Christmas cake to go with their coffee or have nibbles for clients coming in after 5pm during December. Think about your VIP clients too, perhaps they deserve a little Christmas present to say a special thank you for their loyalty.

11. Offer longer opening hours
Try to make sure each and every one of your clients can get an appointment and feel fantastic these holidays by having longer opening hours in December. Add an extra late night or open on a Sunday for a few hours to squeeze those extra clients in. You’ll delight your clients with additional appointment options, and it should reduce the need to turn clients away.

12. Automate important messages
Ensuring your clients are in the know is going to save you a heap of time and trouble, and it’s going to show you’re really trying to make their experience with you this Christmas great. Spend a little time setting up messages like appointment reminders, pre and post appointment instructions and reminding clients to book early. Using software, these types of messages can be automatically sent to your clients to help avoid no-shows, appointment confusion and unprepared clients.

The lead up to Christmas doesn’t need to be scary. So take the time now to start preparing with some of these ideas and make your salon, spa or clinic really stand out this year!

Joanne Neville is the Chief Marketing Officer at Kitomba Salon & Spa Software. For further details visit or call 1800 161 101.

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