Has COVID impacted your BAS? Here’s how to file

Are you having trouble meeting your BAS lodgement obligations? We spoke to the ATO

If you lodge your business activity statement (BAS) quarterly, it is due on 28 February. Like many beauty salons around the country continuing to be affected by COVID, you may be having trouble meeting your BAS lodgment obligations.

If that’s the case, here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when preparing your next BAS:

  • Nothing to report? Even if you have nothing to report, you still need to lodge your BAS as ‘nil’. The easiest and fastest way to lodge is online. Simply select ‘Prepare’, then ‘Prepare as nil’ option on your BAS form and you won’t need to fill in each label as a zero. You can also lodge a ‘nil’ BAS by phone on 13 72 26. This is an automated service and you can call anytime (24 hours a day, seven days a week). You will need to have your BAS document identification number (DIN) handy.
  • Lodge online: Still lodging your BAS on paper? It’s worth your time to switch to online. Lodging your BAS electronically is quick, easy and secure. You may receive an additional two weeks to lodge and pay your BAS. Visit ato.gov.au/lodgmentconcession

  • Payment: If you can’t pay in full, there is help available. Visit ato.gov.au/helpwithpaying
    • Payment plans are simple to create in Online services for business. Start by accessing the Accounts and payments menu, then payment plans. Visit ato.gov.au/osb. You can also use our automated phone service on 13 72 26, or reach out to your tax professional.
  • Even if you can’t pay in full, it’s still important to lodge on time. Once you lodge and have up-to-date records, we can help you understand your tax position and find the best support for you.  
  • We may reach out to you or your tax agent with a phone call, SMS or letter to offer help and assistance and remind you of your obligations. This is to help you stay on track and work with you to determine what support you need.
    • If you need help to lodge on time, or need to talk to us about payment options, phone the ATO to discuss your situation on 13 11 42 during operating hours.
  • GST registration: You need to register for GST if your turnover exceeds the GST turnover threshold, which is $75,000 . You may choose to register for GST if your turnover is under the GST turnover threshold. If you are closing or selling your salon, you need to cancel your GST registration. Remember to complete your lodgment and payment obligations before you cancel your ABN or GST registrations. You can register for GST or cancel your registration through Online Services for business, by calling the ATO or your tax agent can do it for you. The ATO will usually cancel your GST registration from the date you choose. For more information about GST visit ato.gov.au/GST.
  • PAYG instalments: If you’re reporting and paying pay as you go (PAYG) instalments, you may be able to vary the amount or rate for the current income year. If your business income is reduced, you can lodge a variation on your next BAS or instalment notice. Your varied amount or rate will apply for all your remaining instalments for the income year, or until you make another variation.

For more information, visit ato.gov.au/taxsupportforbusiness

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