SOUL personality profiling helps businesses better cater to clients

Launched in early July 2009 in Australia, SOUL Worldwide offers a psychographic profiling tool which assesses a customers’ personality style, in turn delivering the methods, words and ways to communicate with each customer in person, in writing and via any other form of communication and marketing.

According to Founder and Managing Director of the Australian-owned SOUL Worldwide, Nikki Wells (pictured), some beauty businesses are “turning off” up to 75 percent of their customers, simply by not communicating with them the correct way.

She said the common theory of treating all customers the same cannot work based on the fact that each person has a different communication style.

The company says it has compiled over 20 years of research and consumer data to enable businesses to effectively designate each customer into one of four individual personality types via their web-based system. Customers simply answer a few multiple choice questions, and in less than one minute businesses have access to a wealth of knowledge on their customer – teaching them how to relate specifically to that person. This includes what not to say, which words to use and the customer’s buying triggers – in short, SOUL aims to help therapists, managers and business owners to better communicate with customers, enhancing each customer’s experience and creating the compatibility required to ensure loyalty and increased revenue.

SOUL Worldwide is the brainchild of marketing and PR expert, and personality profiler, Nikki Wells, who said she developed the system for several reasons: “Firstly, for many years I have been a regular visitor to many beauticians, salons, spas, cosmeticians and plastic surgeons and was consistently treated with a ‘blanket approach’ used for each customer who walked through the door. No therapist managed to really understand me or my needs and make me want to return. When I did manage to stumble across a therapist who naturally had a rapport with me, she eventually left the business – and the business lost me as a customer!

“So, when I was researching psychographics for another business, I had a ‘light bulb’ moment, and realised that this was the key to effective customer communication. I could create a website which could easily identify each customer’s personality type, and quickly give therapists the ways and words with which to communicate with every customer! Not only would this enhance my (and everyone else’s) customer experience, but in turn it would create loyalty and increase revenue. It just makes good business sense!”

Wells said the approach has had a great response so far, with the spa at the Hilton Sydney becoming the first SOUL customer.

SOUL will also be launched in Las Vegas at Cosmoprof North America on 19th July. 

Interested businesses can visit and register. The site will guide you simply through the entire process and offers invaluable information on communicating with each customer, and “how to” guides on marketing and selling using SOUL.

Anyone can find their SOUL personality for free by visiting the website and clicking on the left hand column: "Find Your SOUL Style for FREE".

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