SOUL Worldwide webinar

SOUL Worldwide, a psychographic profiling company, is conducting a free webinar on Tuesday, March 16.

The webinar aims to address:
– Ways to find out how differently each of your customers think and act.
– The secrets of how to treat them based on their own unique personality.
– What makes your customers make decisions? Do they make decisions based on facts and data, or, are they more interested in people and relationships?

According to SOUL Worldwide, people make the decision to use your services or buy your products when they feel understood. To make your customer feel understood, you must communicate with them based on their personality type – in their personality language.

There are four "dominant" personality types and each type responds better to different words and different communication styles. For example, some people like to keep their visit to your business strictly business. They won't enjoy personalised chatter and like to know facts and data and research about products before they buy.

Other customers will enjoy a more casual and relaxed form of communication from your therapists – and will remain loyal and spend more on retail products if they trust you and feel at home in your business.

SOUL Worldwide claims it can tell you in less than one minute exactly how to best communicate with every customer, ensuring that you create a rapport that will promote loyalty and increase revenue.

The free webinar takes place on Tuesday March 16 at 1pm EST.

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