5 Mins With Lea Taylor

Founder of iconic organic tanning brand, Naked Tan, Lea Taylor explains what the buzz around organic tanning is all about and why it’s a trend that’s here to stay…

What is the difference between organic tanning and certified organic tanning?

“Organic tanning products can contain organic, raw materials and natural ingredients. Certified organic tanning products are for Eco Salons. This means the entire product formulation has been certified by an approved organic certification standard. Check labelling for a recognised certification logo and processor number.”

Why is certified organic becoming such a big trend now?

I do foresee a long term shift in the beauty industry towards certified organic products as more customers are seeking re-assurance from accredited standards. We decided to launch a certified tanning solution that has recognition by international cosmetic certified standards and although we are the only tanning brand that has specifically formulated under this regulation to date, we do predict that any Australian brand looking at the international export market will be required to comply to these standards long term.”

A lot of clients worry a natural based ingredient tan won’t deliver the same results as a traditional one. Do you think this is true?

“Every client is different. For some the priority is organic, natural ingredients, while for others performance and results are key. I don’t believe you should have to compromise one over the other when you’re after a beautiful natural looking tan. And for this reason Naked Tan researched and developed The Certified Organic Tan for the past 12 months to expand our current professional range.”

How and why did you go about certifying your own organic tan?

 “We noticed that no other tanning brand on the market was offering a certified organic tanning solution recognised under international standards. We felt the necessity to support Eco Salons by providing a product that has been approved under an internationally recognised standard COSMOS for cosmetics.”

Do you think certified organic tanning will be a passing trend, or here to stay?

“As a brand owner within this very exciting industry I think certified organic tanning products are most definitely here to stay. As customers, salons and brands become increasingly eco-conscious the market will continue to grow in this direction and lead us to a more organic world.”


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