Dermalogica Attempt World Record

Dermalogica Australia embarked on a nationwide campaign this year to educate Australians about skin health using their exclusive Face Mapping Skin Analysis.


Not known as a brand that colours inside the lines, renowned skincare company Dermalogica embarked on a truly unique campaign this year, setting the bar higher than ever before with a world record-breaking attempt using their iconic Face Mapping Skin Analysis program.

Aimed at changing the way Australians look at their skin, the brand’s ‘Face Map Our Nation’ campaign set itself the target of completing 14,000 Face Maps through salon, consumer and corporate events around the country.

To celebrate the end of the campaign, Dermalogica set themselves a final challenge to Face Map an entire town, and in turn set a world record for the most Face Maps performed at the one event in one day.

Partnering with top Dermalogica account Macquarie Medi Spa in Bathurst, Dermalogica put the country town on the map for something other than car racing.

An impressive 417 Face Maps were performed at various locations across town including the Bathurst Council Chambers and Mackillop College High School which resulted in the world record and takes the total campaign tally to 17,119 Face Maps.

The brand shared their efforts with their fans through their social media channels, with the hashtag, #FaceMapNation.

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