Inflammation, Vitamin A and the Vagus Nerve: This New Supplement Is Targeting Three-In-One

Integrative doctor and postnatal depletion expert, Dr Oscar Serrallach is the co-founder of The Tenth and its debut supplement, Flow State. Hannah Gay spoke with Dr Serrallach on the role of the vagus nerve and the benefits of ingestible vitamin A on our inner and outer wellbeing.

How does a strained vagus nerve impact our external appearance, eg. the health of our skin?

“The vagus nerve amongst its many roles is a central player in regulating inflammation. A strained or underactive vagus nerve is both caused by inflammation and a cause of inflammation. It is a crucial part of the concept that ‘inflammation begets inflammation’. The promotion of inflammation does not only lead to fatigue and stress intolerance, but would by extension also increase inflammation in our skin, contributing to both lackluster hair and aged-looking skin.”

An artist’s impression of the vagus nerve, supplied by The Tenth

What can supplements containing retinol acetate do for the body?

“Amongst the many benefits of retinol are its antioxidant effects, and its support of certain enzymes involved in healthy mucus membrane and white cell production. Thus, the main benefit of retinol has to do with supporting immune system function.” 

How does ingestible vitamin A differ to the forms of vitamin A we apply topically?

“Whilst topical vitamin A is utilised by the skin, it is unclear how much vitamin A is absorbed systemically so any benefits would be isolated to the skin and not to the whole body.”

In what ways does Flow State differ from competitor supplements in the market?

“The ingredients in Flow State are found in a number of different products, but what makes Flow state unique and so effective is both in the amount of each nutrient used, and the combined effect of those ingredients. For example, supplements may have nutrients in trace amounts where the dose may only be adequate as a maintenance dose (where a person already has adequate levels of these nutrients). However, such doses may not be adequate for a person who is deficient in these nutrients (known as replacement doses).

Flow state contains higher, safe, and documented doses of many key nutrients, such as magnesium, zinc, methylated folate, and choline. The product contains these nutrients, not at a  maintenance dose, but at a replacement dose.”

Is Flow State safe for long-term use? Why/why not?

“Flow state taken at three capsules daily is safe for long-term use. There are no known side effects or issues of toxicity associated with any of the contained ingredients at their prescribed dosages.”

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