I Tried… GINGER&ME’s New Body Luxe Treatment

Hannah Gay tries GINGER&ME’s new Body Luxe Treatment for head-to-toe rejuvenation.

A trip to the beauty salon has stretched beyond the realms of undergoing a standard facial, wax or tan. These days, beauty therapists are trained in a diverse range of treatments, taking techniques from the spa world and partnering them with advanced, highly personalised services.

For a select group of salons, topical body treatments feature on the menu; treatments designed to extend the workings of a relaxing and efficacious facial to the torso, back and limbs. Omitting devices, treatments are made for the sole purpose of soothing tired muscles and reinvigorating the skin (and mind).

Body Luxe Treatment

The team behind GINGER&ME forecasted the lean into wellbeing-centric services by developing its Body Luxe Treatment. According to brand founder Maria Enne-Cocciolone, the two hour-long treatment fills a gap in the current skincare market by directing focus away from the face, and down to the body. “In alignment with the industry’s increasing emphasis on emotional and mental wellbeing, the Body Luxe Treatment transcends mere skincare,” Maria tells me. “It acknowledges and supports clients’ emotional needs, offering a comprehensive experience.”

She describes the treatment as a “journey of indulgence and rejuvenation, offering clients a harmonious blend of hydration, detoxification, and repair for their skin.” It combines three key components: a rejuvenating body polish, a red clay thermal mask, and a full body massage. “Beyond indulging the senses, it delivers scientifically proven solutions by harnessing the powerful benefits of Australian native ingredients, renowned for their exceptional skincare properties,” Maria adds.


To trial the treatment, I popped into the divine Mon Petit MediSpa in Sydney’s West. Owner and beauty therapist Samantha Tannous has been a GINGER&ME stockist for nearly two years, initially drawn to the brand for its body-mind-heart approach. “[The NEUROCOSMEDICS brand] doesn’t just promise results, it also promotes a positive mindset, offering clients a holistic and mindful experience,” Samantha says.

The Body Luxe Treatment can be tailored to each client, depending on their preference for the full body experience or a more targeted service with focus on a single area. “Each one-and-a-half to two-hour session is curated to provide deep relaxation and detoxification, creating a sanctuary where clients can escape from the stresses of daily life while treating their skin,” Maria says.

I journeyed into Samantha’s treatment room to discover a personal welcome card, daily affirmation, and selection of essential oils. After electing my preferred scent, I cosied into the warm treatment bed and awaited Samantha’s instruction. The treatment commenced with three deep inhales, as Samantha moved into an introductory massage. Shifting between positions, my whole body underwent a routine of scrub-mask-massage. Movements were methodical, addressing main pressure points and working to drain the lymph. Backbar solutions utilising the likes of kakadu plum, banksia oil and HydraSeal (a curated oil blend) were used. Ingredients work synergistically to brighten, nourish and hydrate the skin while providing vital antioxidant protection, promoting tissue repair, and regulating serum production.

A step above

As the red clay mask set, the GINGER&ME Mindfulness Session played through a set of branded headphones. Maria considers this addition “crucial” to the overall client experience. “We understand that during treatment and especially during the mask, the mind often drifts to daily responsibilities like errands to run or emails to send, detracting from the relaxation process. Offering the Body Luxe Treatment with guided meditation enables therapists to address not just the skin, but also the client’s mental and emotional needs. In today’s hectic world, clients face unprecedented levels of stress and business. The guided Mindfulness Meditations serve as a powerful tool to redirect the mind towards self-reflection, creating a sanctuary where clients can fully embrace their ‘Me Time’.”

Concluding with a farewell ritual, I peeled myself up off the treatment bed feeling lighter than I had laying down. The Body Luxe Treatment provided me with a much needed opportunity to nurture my mind, body and spirit (while tackling some stubborn back zits along the way!) Samantha appeared to have the magic touch – a discipline she credits in part to the support and comprehensive training she’s received from GINGER&ME distributor, INSKIN COSMEDICS. 

“Additionally, I received in-depth training on the brand’s concepts and science, gaining a deep understanding of the core products used in treatment protocols. I also have continual support from the GINGER&ME team whenever I need it, ensuring I’m able to address any client concerns. They regularly send me resources covering all the different treatments offered, providing detailed information to enhance my expertise and confidence in delivering top-notch service,” Samantha says.

Businesses not currently partnered with GINGER&ME are welcome to undertake training in the Body Luxe Treatment. To learn more, contact INSKIN COSMEDICS here.

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