In Print: L1FE CircQul8 Set to Boost Your Clients’ Immunity

Science meets a holistic approach to health management thanks to Jeunesse Australasia’s launch of L1FE CirQul8. General Manager Rachel McVinish chats to Anita Quade about the daily dose that is set to change clients’ immunity.

Rachel McVinishcongratulations on the launch of L1FE CirQul8 – which takes a holistic approach to health management in a single vitamin capsule.  Tell us about the research that went into this vitamin.

“The research that went into this product was very extensive. One thing we are always working on as a global leader in the anti-ageing, wellness and aesthetic space is cutting edge ingredients that are backed by real science. Our hero ingredients ubiquinol and tocotrienols have been studied for many years, with Vitamin E dating back to Traditional Chinese medicine and the formulation is supported by over 70 different scientific studies.”

Given the pandemic in the last two years – was this a driving force to deliver a tailored vitamin to address health concerns?

“Absolutely, we had been working on the science behind Ubiquinol and Tocotrienols for some time whilst also focusing on the toll that the pandemic has taken on people’s physical and mental wellbeing. As we age or as we are impacted by huge lifestyle changes, our ability to create mitochondrial energy declines. And because of that, we see the start of the ageing process, we see the start of diseases. And the biggest organs in our body, like our heart are the ones that need it the most.”

What are the major targets of this vitamin?

“L1FE CirQul8 is bringing to market a unique product that features a proprietary blend of six cutting-edge ingredients heroing the power of antioxidant powerhouse ubiquinol for energy to support heart health and the immune-protecting properties of Vitamin E to deliver a duo-ingredient product that supports defensive health strategies that help boost one’s immune system and energy production for Wellbeing Freedom.”

How did you investigate the ingredients for this capsule?

“Firstly, our scientists looked deeply at the studies behind our hero ingredients ubiquinol and tocotrienols to support heart health, immune health and energy. Secondly, we looked at what supporting ingredients would best assist in the function of our capsule for best results. Our formulation is approved supported by in excess of 40 approved claims.”

L1FE CirQul8
L1FE CirQul8 takes a holistic approach to health management, explains Rachel McVinish

L1FE CirQul8 is formulated and manufactured in Australia – how important was producing this onshore?

“For us it was important to have L1FE CirQul8 approved and supported by the TGA and secondly it was crucial for us to support the Australian economy on every level.”

Being Australian made and formulated did it give you more control over delivering the quality?

“The quality and efficacy of all our Jeunesse products is paramount and something that as a global leader in the anti-ageing, wellness and aesthetic space, that we take very serious. Being able to manufacture the product locally has been crucial as I was able to deliver L1FE CirQul8 at record speed.”

Tell us about your background working as General Manager for Jeunesse Australia?

“I have been with Jeunesse now for almost 8 years. I still remember my very first interview with Jeunesse, I knew instantly that I had found a home. I loved the fact that our Founders were so involved in the company and really cared for our distributors. You do not see that a lot these days. Every decision made by the company is made with our mission in mind and one of the big reasons I am still with them today.”

What has been one of your most memorable career moments?

“Without a doubt my most memorable career moment would be the launch of L1FE CirQul8. It was important to me that I be involved in the development and research of our local products. To be able to a part of the research and development on such a cutting edge, first to market product is something I am extremely proud of.”

Given there are so many wellness products elixirs, vitamins and powders on the market – how do you make sure you stand out from the high volume of products available on the market?

“One of the aspects that we focus on at Jeunesse is being first to market with scientifically backed formulations and that is exactly what we have done with L1FE CirQul8. That is what sets us apart from other companies and products.”

What has been the customer feedback on the vitamin?

“The testimonials that have been coming in have been very impressive and our customer base have seen some amazing results relating to Heart Health, Immunity and Energy.”

Is it a product you would look at stocking in selected salons as part of a wellness offering?

“Absolutely, it is important that we get this product in as many hands as possible due to the science behind L1FE CirQul8 and the benefits that this product has on the human body.”

Any vitamins can take some time to take effect – how soon can customers expect to feel the difference in their health and vitality?

“In short, we say you will see results in 30-60 days, however, we have had some testimonials coming in that are seeing results after 14 days of taking L1FE CirQul8.”

What plans do you have for the brand in 2022?

“2022 will see the continued research and development of our Youth Enhancement System with a focus on science backed, cutting edge products.”

A cut-down version of this article originally appeared in the March-April 2022 issue of Professional Beauty.

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