derma aesthetics’ New SIMKA to Launch at This Weekend’s Beauty Expo

SIMKA – a new ingestible omega-3 supplement – is due to make its debut at Beauty Expo 2023.

The brand is the brainchild of derma esthetics founders Simone Vescio and Reika Roberts. The duo are also the Australian and New-Zealand distributors of dermaviduals.

Like the professional-only skincare brand, SIMKA is based on the principles of Corneotherapy – “the science of skin barrier defence, preservation and maintenance,” derma aesthetics notes in a press statement.

SIMKA Alpha Omega-3 is the first product to launch for the brand. The vegan formulation is designed to support health and skin nutrition via the inclusion of rigorously tested ingredients:

  • Chromista oil (schizochytrium sp.) is created from nature and 100 percent water extracted from an edible oil-algae strain, making it the finest, safest, purest and most nutrient rich Omega-3 supplement on earth
  • SIMKA Alpha Omega-3 is derived from an exclusive wild-type food-grade algae strain that is cultured in pure water, within quality controlled indoor tanks. By taking SIMKA microalgae oil supplements, user will attain their Omega-3s direct from the source (without firstly passing through a fish; then being subjected to chemical processes)! 
  • SIMKA Alpha Omegas boast the highest natural DHA level known on Earth and provide users with the master Omega-3 the body recognises and utilises without a complicated internal conversion process.
The formula has been made available as an organic lemon flavoured liquid with a dropper, and in soft gel form for easy intake.

Omega-3s are essential fatty acid molecules vital for the structural formation of every cell in the human body including the skin. Since the human body does not produce its own Omega-3s, supplementation of essential fatty acids with the correct ratio of DHA and EPA is necessary for optimal cell function, repair and maintenance of skin health. SIMKA Alpha Omega-3s are formulated to deliver the most concentrated form of 99 percent DHA + EPA, the brand states.

SIMKA Alpha Omega-3 will be available to purchase through participating skin clinics across Australia and New Zealand. For stockiest enquiries, email or call 1300 420 223. You can also visit the derma aesthetics stand at the Beauty Expo and speak with the team there!

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