Curtis Collection can be found in hundreds of salons around Australia and the world. Combining the luxury and style of a high-end cosmetics brand with ingredients and formulas of a dedicated skincare range, Victoria Curtis’s professional makeup and skincare brand has become a regular on the catwalk and a leader in the Australian cosmetics industry. After a successful year, which saw her being named as one of the most successful women in Australia, Victoria Curtis sits down with Professional Beauty to talk all things beauty business, makeup ranges and 2017 predictions.

What’s your  history with beauty salons?

My love affair with all things beauty began at a very young age. I can attribute this to my mother who was always dressed immaculately, her hair and makeup flawless and she never left the house without a beautifully made up face.

This left a lasting impression on me and ultimately shaped me into the woman that I am today. As a teenager my very first job was in a hair and beauty salon, an environment that I grew to love. I recall watching with fascination as women transformed their appearance and as a result built their confidence and self esteem.

My passion for the beauty industry was ignited during this time, and it gives me great pleasure to know that I can now offer women confidence building products and solutions to their beauty concerns , through the use of my cosmetics in the very same environment.

How did you become involved in the makeup and salon industry?

Following my high school years, I studied makeup artistry as a hobby as it was a passion of mine. At the same time I also completed a double degree in Accounting and Marketing and had the chance to study abroad in the US.

On my return I was fortunate enough to be offered a graduate position at L’Oreal Australia , in the Marketing Department of the Professional Products Division. This allowed me to once again connect with the salon and spa industry. This time however, I gained insight into the other side of the industry by offering support and business development programs to salon owners. I took a keen interest in the philosophy of these salons and what they were trying to achieve for their clients. It was during this time that I discovered a gap in the market.

I felt that there was an opportunity to launch a luxury cosmetics brand exclusively for the Salons and Medi Spas. My vision and point of difference was to combine the chic and style of designer cosmetics with the high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients that complimented a salons’ services and acted as the final step in their clients treatment plan.

Can you tell me a bit about Curtis Collection? The inspiration, the product to market fit and the company’s mission?

This vision came to life some 3 years later through my own research and development. I traveled the globe to source products, packaging and formulas that I felt were exactly what I would love to use and carry in my personal makeup bag, with the most powerful skin care benefits available on the market. After testing the formulas on my own skin, which I had battled with for years to keep clear, I discovered a formula that in conjunction with my skin care treatments, allowed me to finally achieve results in the form of clear, glowing skin.

The secret is in our vita-mineral infused formulations which are designed to feed your skin with antioxidants, offer SPF protection, hydration and nourishment , while delivering the most flawless finish due to the highly light reflective minerals. The Curtis mineral finish is best described as having the most complimentary lighting on your complexion all day long. We like to refer to it as the Curtis Collection Signature Candle Lit Glow.

A soft focus finish that allows you to Future Proof Your Beauty by protecting your skin against age aggressors. Our message to young women is to be proactive and prevent the ageing process rather than being reactive and have to then attempt to reverse it.

What’s your method to keeping up with the makeup industry but staying true to salon philosophies? 

As a makeup artist, my focus is of course on developing products that are on trend in order to offer our salons the very best, most in demand products on the market. We are incredibly fortunate to be invited by some of Australia’s most renowned Fashion Designers as a makeup supplier at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sydney every year. This adds to the edge, appeal and credibility of the brand, something I believe is important for our stockists and speaks volumes about the quality of the products.

By the same token I am committed to creating cosmetics that are not in anyway going to compromise clients’ skin or treatment results. For this reason Curtis Collection develops MORE THAN MAKEUP. We specialise in creating luxury cosmetics, with real skincare benefits. Our “Mineral Collection” is cruelty free, paraben free, oil free, talc free, fragrance free and dye free. We only source and include the highest quality pharmaceutical grade minerals in our cosmetics and these are of course safe to use following cosmetic procedures.

Having the ability to offer clients fashion forward cosmetics with skin care benefits really is a winning combination for our salons. It means that they can remain competitive in the world of cosmetics – clients are able to recreate the most on trend looks using mineral makeup that is actually good for their skin and has the ability to fast track their treatment results rather than hinder them.

What differences have you seen in the salon industry over the years?

I believe that salon owners and their clients have become extremely savvy when it comes to makeup and recreating looks at home thanks to social media and the internet. They are using products that they never knew existed and more inclined to experiment with their makeup. This means that we need to react to the market and their demands faster than ever. As the owner of a boutique Australian brand, I believe that is a huge advantage that we have over some of the larger international salon brands. We have the ability to react sooner to change and therefor can meet the needs of our customers.

I also believe that mineral makeup is being used in salons and medi spas in very different ways now. There really is so much potential for salon owners to grow their business by offering mineral cosmetics in store. At Curtis Collection we offer a very unique education program to our stockists which allows them to incorporate makeup into their business in a very different and effective way. This of course leads to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

What are your salon predictions for 2017?

I believe that hybrid skincare/makeup products will become more in demand than ever in 2017. Having this product offering in store is essential and really sends the message that you are focused on treating the skin from the inside out.

As out treatments become more invasive and results driven, we really need to ensure that clients are using the appropriate products as part of their “home care” beauty routine. That is where Curtis Collection fits in – clients can look fabulous while keeping their skin nourished, hydrated, clear and youthful!

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