The rise of the “vegan-curious” beauty consumer ( + our top beauty picks for Veganuary)

Veganuary couldn’t have come at a better time with sales of Vegan cosmetics products exploding and the market set to reach $20.8 billion by 2025.

A report commissioned by brand SkinProud found that 41% of UK consumers are participating in Veganuary and are looking for vegan alternatives to their skincare products. Indeed, they’re more likely to explore vegan beauty options than food options. Environmental impacts (38%) and animal welfare (36%) were the primary motivators for consumers exploring the benefits of a vegan lifestyle – though many also said health and wellbeing were a motivator.

The vegan-curious consumer is part of an overall trend for conscious consumerism. Increasingly, people are aware of how their spending can influence brands. Gen Z and millennials in particular are socially conscious consumers. In 2019 The Economist reported that “a quarter of 25-34-year-old Americans say they are vegan or vegetarian.” Want to understand what makes a product vegan, and our top vegan professional beauty picks? Read on!

What makes a product vegan?

While the ACCC is yet to enforce regulations around vegan food and consumer products (you may have heard of controversy around fake “meat” labelling over the holiday season) there are vegan bodies that outline rules and regulations.

Vegan Australia Certified provides guidelines on how to ensure a product is vegan. They include the following:

  • The prouct must not contain any ingredients derived from animals (these include common animal byproducts found in skincare like gelatin, lanolin, squaline, beeswax and marine collagen)
  • Animal products must not be used in the manufacturing process
  • the product and its ingredients must not be tested on animals by the manufacturer or a related entity
  • any ingredient that may be of animal origin must have a traceable supply chain
  • reasonable steps must be taken to minimise cross contamination

Our top-five Aussie-owned vegan beauty products:

Want to introduce vegan beauty into your salon (or try it yourself)? We rounded up our top five vegan beauty picks!


veganuary product pics mukti

Australian brand Mukti is founded by ex-professional beautician and wellness expert Mukti. The award-winning products in this range focus on organic beauty formulation, derived from sustainably sourced Australian natives. Our top pick? The sumptuous Marigold Hydrating Cream.


Veganuary beauty picks sodashi

A favourite at beauty salon’s like Onda Beauty, Sodashi skincare focuses on ethically sourced natural ingredients that stimulate all senses. Check out their antioxidant-rich Rejuvenating Serum!

Inika Organic

Inika Veganuary picks

Natural and organic cosmetics brand Inika is one of Australia’s most recognisable brands. All their cosmetics products have skincare actives making them perfect for post-facial beauty touch-ups. Check out the range here.

Kester Black


A personal favourite for this beauty writer Kester Black specialise in vegan, high-performance nail polishes in a range of on-trend shades. They’ve also expanded into lipsticks and eye products. Their pitch-black Blackout Eyeliner pencil is one of the best on the market! Check out the range.

Zuii Organics

Zuii Organics tanning top veganuary pics

Zuii Organic’s organic and vegan product range spans cosmetics and tanning. With their own manufacturing facility, they have complete supply chain transparency. Their award-winning tanning range which includes professional and home-use SKUs is perfect for the Vegan client.

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