INSPO! 5 unlikely places to get your nail inspiration

Inspiration is all around us, you just have to know where to look… We’ve searched high and low to bring you nail art inspo from some unlikely places – you’ll never be short of ideas again!


INSPO #1. The craft store


the craft store
Vibrant pastels and fun animal illustrations by I Scream Nails.


The gang at I Scream Nails aren’t afraid to get a lil’ crafty, and you shouldn’t be either. Take a leaf out of their book and experiment with beads, glitter and, our fave, googly eyes. Just add a fancy flamingo.


INSPO #2. The online shopping cart


Nail art inspo by Chiara Ferragni Blink Eye collection


Blogger and designer Chiara Ferragni, otherwise known as The Blonde Salad, has built up a dedicated following eager to get their hands on her most popular design – blink. The winking eyes are available on phone covers, backpacks and t-shirts, but what the fashion set really wants to get its hands on are the shoes. If your client isn’t keen on the $400 price tag but wants to rock the look, paint it for them! The same goes for anything else they want to ‘add to cart’ but can’t because #broke.


INSPO #3. The pencil case


the pencil case_Lili Nguyen
Natural colours with a touch of texture added by Lili Nguyen.


Think back to your school days: were you ever guilty of doodling on your nails with White Out? Although we’re sure you’ve progressed since then, why not crack out your white nail art pen and try your hand at a few dots or lines? You should be able to create a pretty cool negative space mani with just your trusty pen and a clear base and top coat.


INSPO #4. The kitchen


the kitchen_studio diy 2
Add sprinkles onto your nails to showcase your personality.


Ok, so we know you can get glitter/sprinkles nail polish, but your client’s mani could be so much more delicious if you used the real thing! Dipping a client’s nails into sprinkles and then carefully sealing them (without the colour running) might be a teeny bit impractical, but it’s definitely cute.


the kitchen_dahlia nails
A cute nail art design that may make you a little hungry.


Alternatively, just use food as inspiration (rather than equipment) and have a go at painting your client’s favourite snack.


INSPO #5. The runway


the runway
Nail art inspo drawn from the Versace fall/winter 2016 collection.


The high fashion looks we see on runways across the globe aren’t always practical, but you can translate them into everyday wear with a bit of creativity. Why not take your cue from a favourite designer by recreating a pattern like-for-like, or being a bit more adventurous and letting the colours and themes of a collection inspire you. One thing’s for sure: your clients will always be on trend.




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