Ultraceuticals launches new Vitamin C concentrate at Jocelyn Petroni salon

Ultraceuticals launches their new Ultra C23+ Firming Concentrate to key beauty media at leading Sydney-based salon, Jocelyn Petroni last week.


Jocelyn Petroni with leading beauty journalist, Stephanie Darling.


What beauty editor could possibly say no to a facial treatment by top facialist Jocelyn Petroni? And when it includes a new anti-ageing concentrate by Ultraceuticals?  Well, really, they were more than happy to clear their diaries.


Professional Beauty Online Editor, Sally Hunwick (right) with beauty editor, Adriana Donnola.


Lying in the decadent Woollahra, Sydney space, attendees were treated to the soothing (read: completely ga-ga inducing) hands of Jocelyn Petroni; and thanks to the potent new vitamin C concentrate they were there to sample, they floated away with glowing skin too.


Beauty journalist, Rachael Mannell, holds Ultraceuticals’ new vitamin C offering.


Combining a superior age-defying formula of 23 per cent pure Vitamin C in a CSIRO-developed delivery system with two powerful peptides ( Microelastin and Microcollagen), Ultraceuticals’ new water-free  Ultra C23+ Firming Concentrate promises for smoother, firmer looking skin, and a boost to the collagen supplies.


Ultraceuticals' new Ultra C25+ Firming Concentrate
Ultraceuticals’ new Ultra C25+ Firming Concentrate







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