The top 7 beauty treatments for 2020

As 2019 comes to an end, Sofia Amirova, one of Sydney’s leading skin clinic owners, shares the beauty treatments that she thinks will be the most popular in the year ahead.

Instant glow
“More and more people are looking for an instant fix before a big night out so treatments like the Fire & Ice ‘Red Carpet’ facial are becoming popular. The facial, from iSCLinical, only takes about an hour and there is no down time, so clients love it because they walk out the door with an ‘Insta-ready’ glow.”

Multi-tasking treatments
“As people become increasingly time-poor many don’t want to go into a clinic for just one treatment. Many would prefer to have two or even three treatments in the same session, so they really appreciate multifunctional devices like Venus Concept’s Tribella which delivers three treatments in just 90 minutes. Although Tribella does require some downtime, clients are happy because they gain the benefits of Multi-Polar RF (pigmentation and vascular lesion reduction), IPL photo rejuvenation (collagen production enhancement) and NanoFractional RF (skin resurfacing) after just one appointment.”

Light Therapy
“The benefits of LED light therapy are becoming well known so many people want to go somewhere where they can enjoy a relaxing 30 minutes to revitalise their skin (and even their minds). In fact, many now even expect LED light treatments at the end of any invasive treatment to speed up the healing process and minimise downtime.”

“Consumer demand for an all-over improvement to their skin rather than a dramatic change in their face shape has led to the development of micro-filler systems such as AquaGold Fine Touch. The AquaGold uses super thin gold-plated needs to infuse small amounts of dermal fillers, wrinkle injections and/or skin boosters directly into the skin to improve pores, wrinkles and overall texture. Clients love it because the treatment has next to zero down time but leaves them with natural looking radiant skin.”

Non-surgical body contouring
“As today’s society obsession with body perfection continues to grow many people are looking for new ways to slim down and shape-up. Although non-surgical devices like Venus Versa Radio Frequency and CoolSculpting can’t replace a good diet and exercise they can minimise stubborn pockets of fat and tighten saggy unwanted areas – and that is more than enough for most clients!”

Ageing Gracefully
“Despite the obvious popularity of anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers, many people want to fight the ageing process with more ‘natural’ anti-ageing treatments such as PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma). They like the treatment because it uses their own blood platelets rather than foreign substances to stimulate new cell growth and improve their skin.”

Peeled Perfection
“In-clinic skin peels are growing in popularity because they are a relatively quick and easy way for people to instantly improve their skin. In addition, unlike many traditional facials, peels deliver visible results and they are an often a more affordable option than technology-based treatments.”

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