The rise of sleeping beauties

The market for night time skincare products is booming, according to new research by the NPD Group.

According to the global information company, the sale of prestige night time skincare products in the UK increased seven percent in the 12 months from October last year to September this year to reach a record-breaking market value of £43 million ($74 million).

The market was made up of a wide range of products, as women added “a number of additional steps to their regime” including facial oils, creams, gels eye masks, eye creams., anti-ageing wrinkle creams.

The categories contributing the most to the growth were night eye treatments (including eye masks and eye creams) which recorded a 14 percent increase in sales and facial gels which recorded a 12 percent increase in sales during the 12 month period.

NPD UK director June Jensen says sleep is the wellness topic of 2018 – in the UK and around the world.

“Sleep is a regular story in the media and everyone is talking about how much they get or their lack of it, “she said.

“Sleep experts proclaim the benefits of eight hours sleep and consumers know the value of slumber, especially for the renewal and regeneration of skin cells, which is said to be at its peak between 1am and 4am.

“Whilst sleep experts provide top tips on how to get to sleep, it’s the beauty brands who are delivering their technical expertise with innovative products and the latest scientific formulas to work on the skin overnight.”

Jensen says consumer have therefore been investing in prestige products to enhance their night time skincare regime – and “night time beauty rituals are now an established part of the skincare regime”.

“It has been said that ‘staying in is the new going out’ and it appears from the data that beauty consumers are embracing this trend.

“Anti-ageing products and night creams have always been an established part of the night time regime, but it’s new categories like eye masks and eye creams, plus night gels and facial oils that are really boosting the night time skincare market.

“We believe this trend will continue,” Jensen revealed.

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