The 4 Most Expensive Beauty Treatments

There are people that would use $50k to buy a house or car, and there are others who’d splash it on a single facial. Welcome to the world of ludicrously expensive beauty treatments.

Tennis celebrity Serena Williams enjoying a $5k Evian bath. (Image:
Tennis celebrity Serena Williams enjoying a $5k Evian bath. (Image:

For most of us, $50k is a lot of money. But when you’re really, really rich, it’s just another opulent facial treatment.

These over-the-top beauty treatments are so insanely expensive, you’ll find it hard to believe people with this sort of cash really exist.

1. The $5,000 beauty bath

For a privileged few with a spare $5k to drop, clients at The Hotel Victor in Miami can soak in a bath of pure Evian water. Topped with rose petals, the bath contains no less than a thousand litres of Evian spring water. A bottle of champagne is also included in the price, which is handy, because you’ll need a drink after you burn a hole this big in your pocket!

2. The diamond facial

For a mere $7,000, clients can have the HD Diamond and Ruby Peel, an almost laughably exorbitant facial treatment involving actual crushed diamonds and rubies, which are used to scrub the face and reportedly produce glowing skin. Which you’d certainly hope for, after laying down this sort of moolah.

3. The house deposit facial

For the same amount many of us would use to put down on a house, the bee venom facial is reserved for the ridiculously wealthy. A bottle of bee venom facial treatment, which contains 1 per cent actual bee venom (diluted to produce pain free results) and is said to noticeably brighten and tighten the skin, will set you back $55k.

4. The million dollar mani

This one’s reserved for the richest of rich. Basically, unless you’re prone to grabbing a spare hundred dollar bill to blow your nose when tissues aren’t on hand, you’d best look away. Created by jewellery company, Azature, the $1 million dollar mani involves real 98 carat diamond nail polish. That’s one mani you definitely won’t want to be smudging.

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