Ultraceuticals founder, Dr. Geoff Heber.
Ultraceuticals founder, Dr. Geoff Heber.

The man behind the multi-million dollar professional skincare range shares his story…

Developed in 1998, Ultraceuticals is now an institution unto itself in the professional skincare industry. Professional Beauty sat down with the man who started it all, Dr Geoffrey Heber, to get the inside story on how it all began.

How did Ultraceuticals come about?

“I’d been importing the first range of cosmeceuticals into Australia, but it was becoming less affordable due to supplier price increases and lacked key products like sunscreen and vitamin C. I knew I could develop more affordable and effective products.”

Why did you choose the name Ultraceuticals?

“The goal was for the product range was to be the ultimate in cosmeceuticals.”

What was the most important element to you when you were creating the first Ultraceuticals products?

“Ultraceuticals has always been about real skincare and real results, so the most important element was that the products were effective and that we could demonstrate that. There was no evidence of efficacy for the vast majority of skincare products on the market then and the situation is similar now.”

You’ve just launched a new range, SunActive 50+, why have you decided to focus on sun protection?

“We knew we could design sunscreens with higher efficacy than average in screening UVA as well as UVB rays, and with ingredients that covered the entire UVA and UVB spectrum. We also knew we could design sunscreens that didn’t clog pores and felt better on the skin than other sunscreens.”

What are you most proud of in your career with Ultraceuticals?

“I’m proud that Ultraceuticals is the cosmeceutical range of choice for so many skin therapists and ordinary people. I’m also proud of leading the development of some world-class products. I’ve been in the skincare business for 23 years and I haven’t seen evidence of any products on the market anywhere that have the demonstrated efficacy of these products.”