The lowdown on Fraxel Duel

Tell us how effective is the Fraxel Duo?
The Fraxel Dual 1550/1927 laser is an extremely effective laser that has been clinically proven to treat many clinical indications without the prolonged downtime and risks of many traditional lasers.

Who is the ideal client for this treatment?
The ideal candidate for Fraxel Dual laser is a client who is concerned with signs of skin ageing such as hyperpigmentation, rhytides, loss of collagen and elasticity, textural changes and are wanting to have less treatments than other modalities. The ideal candidate is prepared to have about 5-7 days of downtime and are willing to avoid sun exposure pre and post treatment. Fraxel laser is suited to Fitzpatrick skin types I-III with caution for Fitzpatrick skin types IV-VI.

How many sessions are required? 
We receive great results from 1-2 treatments for most patients however some indications and darker Fitzpatrick skin types require multiple sessions for best results.

What has been the advantage of the clinic investing in this technology?
We have been able to treat a wide array of skin concerns with reduced risks and downtime which is quite important for our demographic as many of our patients are time poor. It delivers promising results and rarely fails to disappoint!

How popular has the device been with clients?
Fraxel is a widely known laser treatment that has a great reputation so it has been very popular amongst our patients. We often have people book in for consultations for the Fraxel treatment itself due to the high reputation the practice has with Fraxel.

What products do you stock in the clinic that customers can buy to maintain their skin care regime?
We carry SkinCeuticals, RATIONALE and La Roche Posay. We like to use SkinCeuticals Hydrabalm and Epidermal Repair as part of our post laser care protocol. 
We also often prescribe a bespoke routine for our patients to prep their skin prior to laser and to complement the results of their Fraxel laser treatment.

What results can clients expect and how long does it take to show the effect?
Clients can expect to see some changes in their skin as it starts to shed at day 5-7 when the baby smooth skin starts to reveal. You can expect to see changes in the discolouration at this stage. The collagen remodelling phase starts a couple weeks after treatment and can continue up to two years. Optimal results for texture and rhytides are generally seen 2-3 months after the Fraxel laser treatment. 

Is this treatment ideal to be used in conjunction with any other treatment in the salon?
Absolutely! Sometimes a hybrid laser approach is best depending the clinical indications we are wanting to treat. Most of the time when our patients have been receiving other treatments in the practice and using a cosmeceutical skin care routine they will often respond better to Fraxel and have an even faster healing time. 

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