Clinic Owner Shares How Taking on Mobile Payments Has Reduced Business Costs

Beauty and aesthetic business owners are always seeking the latest innovations, but sometimes they can overlook tech that can give their business operation a makeover.

In the last year, the way a customer pays and businesses take payments has been revolutionised with the launch of a flexible, mobile app that works with just your phone. Providing convenience for customers and freeing up much-needed space.

Something that Kelly, the owner of Newcastle Body Sculpting in Newcastle, NSW, recently found out when she made the switch to Worldline Tap on Mobile.

In the last 12 months her business, providing confidence-boosting body sculpting and contouring treatments, has boomed – so much so that she’s already moved to a larger space. “At the beginning, everything moved so quickly that I would just rely on Google to find everything I needed for my setup,” Kelly says. “That included my original payment system which turned out to be at the expensive end of the market – the last thing you need when you’ve just started a business!”

While cost is a primary concern, space in treatment centres like Kelly’s is at a premium. Kelly’s previous terminal was bulky, inflexible and fixed in place requiring a central payment point. She soon realised that she needed something modern and minimalist, that fit in with the aesthetic of her business.

“After things settled down for me, I did more research and found the Worldline Tap on Mobile app” Kelly says. Once Kelly was set up for Tap on Mobile, she was able to quickly start taking payments and loves the flexibility the app offers. “Because it’s an app that you use on your phone with no additional hardware or a terminal to carry around, there are no terminal rental fees and it’s always with me.” The app accepts in-person contactless payments, including all major credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, and other digital wallets, using only a phone and the Worldline Tap on Mobile app. Paper till rolls are no more with the complete use of digital receipts.

Such payment options can prove beneficial to all salon types, including rent-a-room/chair, collaborative spaces and home salons. With Worldline Tap on Mobile  you pay 1.3% in transaction fees[1], which is very competitive to other offerings in the market. “I’m saving about $250 per week through lower transaction fees and no terminal rental fees – money I can now spend on my bigger clinic space and potentially bringing on another employee,” Kelly adds. In addition, Tap on Mobile works with existing business accounts, so there’s nothing else that needs to change, while ANZ business accounts can expect same-day settlement  – “you can’t beat it.”

As Kelly continues to grow her business, she looks forward to the solutions’ flexibility to grow with her at her pace, with up to five users included on the account. This means that her employees can take payments from their phone all linked to Kelly’s account using the app, eliminating the need for additional terminals or a central payment point, allowing customers to pay as soon as their treatment is finished. “The Worldline Tap on Mobile app has opened up so many opportunities for me. From a business perspective, I can have multiple employees taking payment in their own treatment rooms, which means we don’t need a dedicated reception space, which is a huge saving as we grow,” said Kelly.

“From a client-experience perspective, they’re all pretty excited about scanning the QR code for receipt! The feedback is that it’s very cool and new, and I think the latest-technology element is in line with the business and the service we offer.”

“I also quite like the idea that our customers get a seamless experience in the treatment room – they’re not waiting at the end of their treatment to finalise anything.”

As technology continues to evolve, and other small businesses keep up with new ways to pay, clinic owners must, like Kelly, keep up with advancements or potentially lose out.

Change the way your business takes payments today with the Worldline Tap on Mobile app, available on iOS and Android. Apply online now.

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[1] Other fees and charges apply

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