The Owner of Plush Skin Body & Beauty Shares a First-Hand Experience Trialing Dermalogica’s MelanoPro Peel

Melitta Smith is the owner of Plush Skin Body & Beauty in Toowoomba, QLD. The long-time Dermalogica stockist and Ambassador was one of the first to trial the brand’s high-anticipated MelanoPro Peel on her clients. Here, she shares her experience with Hannah Gay.

Melitta, how long have you been in business, and for how long have you been a Dermalogica stockist?

“My beautiful boutique salon Plush Skin Body & Beauty opened its doors on the 3rd September 2013. I have stocked Dermalogica since my first day of opening, so for over ten years.”

What initially drew you to the Dermalogica brand over its competitors?

“What initially drew me to Dermalogica was how passionate the education team are. I was mesmerised by their knowledge and abilities. [Their commitment to] have us professional skin therapists to be hands-on in training sessions was amazing. I immediately fell in love with the brand.

Everything about Dermalogica really makes you feel a part of something bigger than yourself. Founder Jane Wurwand always spoke about the concept of the Dermalogica “Tribe”, and it rings true. The community [message] of empowering professional skin experts to be the best they can be and to have a purpose “using the power of human touch” is something that resonates with me deeply.

I’ve never found any other brand to have such a detailed education program that also rewarded you for continuing to grow year after year. Plus, as a business owner, I’m able to reward my team each month with staff incentives, which is extremely valuable.

But what really excites me and keeps my passion strong for Dermalogica is in the innovations that keep coming out. New treatments and products are trailed and tested, so I can trust to see real results and provide the best skin health for our clients.”

Plush Skin Body & Beauty

You’re one of the first skin professionals in Australia to trial the new MelanoPro Peel System in-clinic. What were some of the reservations you first had around taking the treatment on?

“I jumped at the chance to take the MelanoPro Peel System on as I have personally struggled with hyperpigmentation and melasma. I would say my only reservation was around my melasma – I was concerned it would not improve and instead become much worse, as there are very few treatments that can treat this concern effectively. 

Otherwise, I was trusting of the process and the Dermalogica Education team in guiding me through this trial, hoping that I would see results.”

What has surprised and/or excited you most about this treatment system and its results?

“What excited me through the trial process was seeing before-and-after images of myself each week. I was making amazing progress which pleasantly surprised me. My hyperpigmentation, melasma and other visible discolouration were lightening and had become, at times, barely visible. 

What was even more impressive was the improvement in the texture and tone of my skin. I wasn’t expecting for my skin to look so youthful, fresh and visibly less pigmented. I was excited for what the end result would look like after the 6-week working period – and I was not disappointed!”

Melitta Smith has been a Dermalogica stockist for over 10 years.

After administering the MelanoPro Peel, what results have you most notably seen in your clients’ skins?

“We have just launched this advanced treatment in-salon, and we have clients excited and ready to start. We have been prepping our clients’ skin with a series of professional peels and home care regimes to ensure their skin is primed for Melanopro to deliver the best outcome.

This is an advanced treatment and it is not suitable for everyone, so having detailed consultations with clients is a very important first step towards experiencing the Melanopro Peel System.”

The MelanoPro Peel is designed for use on all Fitzpatricks types. Learn more on the treatment with our webinar here!

What has training by Dermalogica in this treatment looked like for you and your team?

“Dermalogica have released various educational tools in the lead up to launching this new advanced treatment to professional skin therapists. For example, I recently joined a live digital training session with one of the lead Dermalogica Educators which was very informative (even for myself who has already experienced the treatment). There is always something to learn and these sessions make for a perfect way to ask questions and receive answers in real time. Dermalogica excels in education, and I’m never disappointed when it comes to their expert training. They leave no stone unturned when educating professional skin therapists.

My team has access to an on-demand course 24/7 and I strongly encourage their professional development. This is a key aspect of my salon where continuing to develop their skills through training is part of our core foundation at Plush.”

For business owners and their clients, what makes this treatment good value for money?

“I believe this treatment is great value for money. I have elected to package this treatment for clients to incorporate a whole 6-week program of support from myself and my team. 

This package starts with the initial treatment, followed with daily check-ins and weekly/fortnightly appointments for before-and-after pictures. In addition, clients receive a homecare product pack for the two-phase system, and a ProCalm treatment at the conclusion of the 6-week treatment period.” 

Finally, would you recommend other beauty salons and clinics look at taking on the MelanoPro Peel?

“Absolutely. I feel the Melanopro Peel System is an amazing, advanced treatment offering, providing a solution for clients who are truly concerned about pigmentation with a skin health-first approach. Adding this to your service menu will create a point of difference, and potentially bring business through the doors that would otherwise go elsewhere.”

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