New Consultation App Is Bridging the Gap Between Beauty Professionals and Untapped Consumers

Booking in for a beauty service has never been so easy with the boom in digital booking tools made available in Australia in recent years.

Modern platforms seek to connect clients with beauty business and sole traders via websites and apps. The majority of services allow incoming clients to source businesses based on their location and rating.

A new-to-launch platform – Anni – instead opts to capture client data from the get-go via the consultation process. The business refers to itself as an advice marketplace. It works by recommending beauty experts to clients based specifically on their concerns or needs. 

A quick search for ‘acne’, for example, will reveal a tailored list of skin professionals specialising in the treatment of acne. Search results are generated based on the key words professionals input in their personal profiles.

The service provides professionals the opportunity to build relationships with potential clients by conducting a consultation online and before ever stepping into a treatment space.

Anni was built based on new data that more than half of Australians have followed advice they found on social media, with a quarter experiencing negative consequences as a result (1).

The Australian-owned company operates nationwide, and has so far enlisted beauty therapists, dermal therapists, dermal clinicians, makeup artists, social media marketing experts, registered nurses, hairdressers, and more. The app also services professionals in the wellness, nutrition, naturopathy, and fitness arenas.

“Looking for advice online can be overwhelming, ill-informed and contradictory, Anni Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Anna Lee-Renwick said. “But at the same time, there’s a perception that expert advice is expensive and hard to find. We designed Anni to provide a trusted platform where any problem can be solved anywhere and at any time, at an affordable price. Anni empowers professionals to monetise their expertise and earn extra income on their own terms in a simple digital experience – something that was simply not possible until now.”

Beauty professionals and consumers can sign-up by downloading the Anni app via the Apple store or Google Play. For more information, visit the Anni website.

(1) Findings based on a survey was produced by Anni in partnership with Antenna, an independent consumer research agency. In total, the research team interviewed 1,024 Australians between the 14th and 18th of September 2023. The survey data collection was national, and respondents were sourced using an accredited online research access panel.

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