Aviva Labs tans stars of Aussie film ‘Needle’

Aviva Labs tanning has revealed it was on set and on the stars of a new Aussie thriller, Needle, which was filmed in Western Australia.

Staff from Cottesloe’s Summaglo Tan & Makeup Bar used Aviva Labs on the cast, which includes Packed to the Rafters star, Jessica Marais.

“We were really proud to be supporting an Australian film by spray tanning the actors – they were just so lovely and it was a great opportunity for Aviva Labs to showcase how exceptional our spray tans are on the big screen!” said Summaglo co-owner and Aviva Labs distributor, Narelle Moyle, pictured at left with Jessica Marais.

“Lighter tans make it much easier for makeup artists to match foundation etc. The makeup director of Needle didn't want me to spray the actors’ faces so I had to use a colour that wasn't going to show too much difference and one that she could blend makeup well with.”

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