ONDA Beauty’s Clean Commitment

While clients have made an undeniable shift in preferences for cleaner, more natural skincare, spas have had to move to meet customer demand. But while many businesses scramble to re-invent themselves, Paddington’s ONDA Beauty has sustainability and a clean, green philosophy at its very core. ONDA Beauty’s Senior Dermal Therapist, Brittany Hindmarsh explains why clean beauty is no passing fad.

Why Clean Beauty Is Here To Stay

“Most clients that come into ONDA Beauty are seeking a holistic and transformative facial experience; which is what we’re known for. And we feel that you deserve the best from clean, effective, high quality skincare to the most relaxing, stress-relieving treatments ever. Our goal is for you to see results but also that you leave floating on a cloud; because you deserve it. 

Naomi Watts, Larissa Thomson and Sarah Bryden-Brown co-founded ONDA Beauty. They recognised a shift within the industry and wanted to curate transformational products and treatments that could be trusted. And hence our customers have peace of mind that what we’re recommending and using isn’t harmful to their health or the environment. Every product at ONDA Beauty is tested and chosen for its efficacy, purpose, scent and innovation. And it has been amazing to see celebrities and influencers use their platform to support the change in the beauty industry in an ethical way through science-backed education rather than “green-washing” or false marketing. 

While many businesses scramble to re-invent themselves, Paddington’s ONDA Beauty has sustainability and a clean, green philosophy at its very core.

The Benefits Of Natural Ingredients

Because of clinical trials we now understand that natural ingredients used in treatments are as effective, if not more effective than their chemical-based counterparts, particularly when these actives are used synergistically with delivery systems.

Once our clients have experienced the results of our beautiful organic and nature-derived products, it’s difficult to go back! And so it doesn’t take much convincing at all, as your skin will show you how happy it is. Indeed with the right formulations of nature combined with technology, it’s incredible to witness the skin’s natural strength, blossom and thrive. 

Our most popular choice is the 90 minute ONDA Signature Facial in which we prescribe the products chosen for your unique skin. It includes a deep enzymatic exfoliation, steam and extractions LED Light Therapy during a shoulder, décolletage, hand and foot massage; followed by our seaweed based alginate mask, oxygen infusion, serum, moisturiser/oil and Gua Sha for ultimate lymphatic drainage benefits. You can expect a glowing complexion every time.”

This article originally appeared in the May-June 2022 issue of Professional Beauty.

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