Spray on nails!

Spray on nail polish, is it our saviour in a can, or gimmick? (Turns out, it’s actually pretty fab.)

Nails Inc Spray On Polish
Nails Inc Spray On Polish. Is it a beauty game changer?


British nail brand Nailsinc has just released the first ever spray-on nail polish. Yep, you heard right. Spray. On. Nail. Polish. We are just a tad excited about this. (And not just because British It girl, Alexa Chung, is the face of the new release.)

It’s so new, the Professional Beauty team is yet to trial it, but admittedly, the idea of spraying on a perfectly smooth manicure in seconds made us pretty giddy.

A base coat is needed to give the spay something to grip onto. But after that, all that needs to be done is a light spray over the  finger tips. The residue on the hands just washes off in soapy water. You then add a top coat and you’re good to go.

At the moment there are only two shades to choose from – the neon pink ‘Hoxton Square’ and the silver foil ‘Shoreditch House’ – but all the same, this product could be a bit of a game-changer. Will cool girls be reaching for the spray can instead of a professional mani? Well yes and no. Nothing beats a professional manicure for cuticle work and perfect shaping, but this could just be a cute, fast way for  clients to spruce up nails between nail appointments.




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  1. What chemicals will we and the clients be inhaling from the spray paint. Plus what about the airbourne over spray. There is a reason this was not released 20 yrs ago.

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